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What Makes The Ripple Community Tick?
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What Makes The Ripple Community Tick?

The beating heart of many major cryptocurrencies is not the developers that help build them, but the community surrounding them that support crypto-brands through each inch of their life. As an overall community, cryptocurrency is full of very passionate people, though this should be no surprise given that people have their money on it being a success. We find that the Ripple community is an example of a community which has a real passion and a real drive during which they hope to see Ripple’s currency, XRP, reach the fore of the financial world. Ripple as a service, is growing, providing more and more companies with real life, blockchain payment solutions each day, although this alone isn’t enough to inspire the Ripple community. As a matter of fact, these sorts of movements by Ripple are now sort of expected. Therefore, its not xCurrent, xRapid, or xVia that makes Ripple investors, tick, it’s XRP, without a doubt. We can talk all day about the advantages of Ripple’s services being integrated into Amazon pay or Amazons marketplace. Likewise, we can all see a real use for Ripples services on the Apple app store and within Apple pay. It is however, the idea that XRP could see an integration here that seems to be the real motivator for the Ripple community. This is of course just an example, but what I mean by this is that the community are so passionate about Ripple, they not only believe that Ripple technology will eventually be adopted by the likes of Amazon and Apple, but at the same time, XRP as a payment solution will be too. XRP has a use value, that is something the community cling on to, rightly so as well. What is the future for XRP? As we well know, XRP is currently in a bit of murky water regarding its status as a potential security. The Ripple community are certain that this ‘tarnish’ will be cleared soon enough, which could lead to seeing XRP listed among major exchanges such as Coinbase. With a community that provides a passion that will drive XRP forward, XRP is exactly what makes the Ripple community tick.

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