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An EOS Comeback Could Push EOS To $25.00

An EOS Comeback Could Push EOS To $25.00
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It’s a shame to see EOS sinking at the moment. Given the state of the markets however its hard to imagine how EOS could ever move in a positive direction. As it stands EOS is taking some big losses. We should remember that recently, EOS managed to surpass its all time high, making it one of the first currencies to meet this target in the wake of the 2017-2018 cryptocurrency boom, at the start of this year. This was achieved as a result of a bull run as seen in May, although it did seem as if EOS managed to get ahead of the bull run, making big gains before it took over. This did lead us to believe that EOS had somehow harvested some market manipulation powers, powers that have in turn looked to prove that EOS is a market leader, not in terms of capitalisation but in terms of direction. In short, EOS has the capacity to lead the way. So, as it stands EOS is down quite significantly, this is amplified by its recent good run. At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $12.86 and is down 3.03%. When the markets start to recover however, we could very well see EOS move back up towards $20.00. It would do EOS some good, to balance out at around $18.00, this was a ballpark figure based upon the initial height of EOS during the cryptocurrency boom. Once EOS maintains itself around here, it should find a move back up to $20.00 pretty easy. With it’s current all time high sat at $21.46, any moves from here beyond $22.00 will set EOS up for a really good few months With all this in mind, we don’t think $25.00 is an unrealistic target for EOS anymore. Yes, if we had said this a few months ago when EOS was scraping by at $5.50, a $20.00 increase would make us sound mad. Given the current figures though and of course, the fact that this drought will end, we could see EOS hit $25.00 soon enough. After this point, could $30.00 be on the cards? Maybe so. Overall, this is based on speculation and thus is not investment advice. For EOS to move up, the markets need to settle down first, the lower EOS goes, the more resistance it will face. Overall though, in a few weeks’ time, the picture for EOS could be very different indeed.

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