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Is This Evidence That EOS Is A Market Leader?

Over the past couple of months, we have regularly reported on the progression of EOS. During the middle of April, we did note that EOS seemed to pick up pace within the markets before most other currencies, suggesting that somehow, EOS had developed an ability to lead the markets astray. Quite literally in some cases.

Because of this, we have taken great care in analysing the progression of EOS and in mapping out its trajectory. Of course, this could all be down to a simple coincidence, however, given the facts and the figures, we can’t ignore how EOS really does seem to be setting a trend.

Try this for example. As we know, on the 13th of April 2018, we saw a market surge take place, a bull run which helped boost the markets up to some remarkable heights. It happened in a very short space of time and carved the way for a very healthy end of May.

EOS however, started making incredible progression in the days leading up to this, moving up from a value of around $6.00 on the 10th of April, up to almost $8.00 by the 11th of April, cutting just shy of $9.00 by the 12th of April. Then, the bull run took hold, after a few days of big movements by EOS.

On the 23rd of April 2018, EOS then saw another big surge, moving from around $11.50, up to almost $16.00 by the 24th of April, before eventually hitting an all time high of $22.25 just five days later. Even major currencies like Bitcoin didn’t see a second surge until around the 24th and 25th of April, so therefore, once again it did seem as if EOS had paved the way for this.

As I have said, this could literally just be a case of coincidence, overall though, the figures do seem to represent some sort of trend setting by EOS.

At the time of writing, EOS is valued at $13.19. This is relatively low for a currency that has recently hit a new height, however, given that EOS is currently up 6.72%, we can see some significant movements taking place here. Moreover, most other major currencies are only making climbs of between 1% and 2%, therefore, based on historic data, we can almost assume that EOS is on its way to leading the markets upwards by a drastic amount.

Essentially, if we see EOS move up past $14.00 and maybe even $15.00 through today and tomorrow, we will most probably see the rest of the markets follow on through the weekend.

Please bear in mind that this is not investment advice. As I have said multiple times this is just a theory based upon speculation. Do some research yourself and check out the historical data and trends. We use, this is a tool that could very much become your next best friend.

After me of course!

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  1. EOS swapped out it’s old token for a new token under the same name. It was announced to take place May 15. That was the only reason for it’s climb. People were buying into the change. Now we have to see what news EOS announces that will make it worth it’s listed price.

    If one were to look at EOS and compare to >>for example, a token like Stellar XLM and all the banking and business traction it’s achieved one would ask why is EOS so inflated.

    If you wish to writ speculative stories try digging and research why an unused token holds such value. You will answer many questions for man people who hold various tokens.

    • Good to know but these coin governments do whatever it takes to inflate the selling price (I didn’t say “value”). To me, this is just another trick used in the latest thought up propaganda tools.

      Forks and so-called blockchain “revolutionary changes” don’t seem to work that well anymore. People are getting wise to most of the other BS about some other part of the world has adopted XXX as a currency.

      In the beginning, telling people Bitcoin was completely anonymous and encrypted would sell the coins. Now people are finding out it was all just sales hype and really doesn’t make a difference. “Decentralised” seem to be coming to the forefront now even though changes are being made by centralised coin governments.

      We do evidence one thing. When the propaganda for any coin stops, the price drops. LiteCoin is good example there. Classic is, the more money they spend on promotion, the better it does.


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