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BitMEX Co-Founder Arthur Hayes Predicts Bullish Crypto Market Surge Ahead of U.S. Elections

Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, believes the next few months present a prime time for cryptocurrency investment, particularly for those with disposable fiat money.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Hayes emphasized, “Those people who have fiat and extra cash that want to allocate to crypto, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

He sees the current stagnant market conditions as a golden chance to buy before the expected uptrend in the crypto market.

He attributes the anticipated rise in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies later this year to inflationary monetary policies.

Hayes suggests that these policies will play a central role in driving the market upwards.

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He states, “Major economies around the world are going to print even more money between now and, say, the next 18 to 24 months,” signaling potential inflationary pressures that could increase the value of decentralized digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Hayes argues that the forthcoming United States presidential elections will act as a bullish catalyst for the cryptocurrency market.

He believes that financial authorities in the U.S. will likely adopt looser monetary policies to aid President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Such actions, according to Hayes, will mirror past trends where monetary expansion was linked to rallies in the crypto market.

He explains the process by which governments can influence the economy and, by extension, the crypto market: “When you control the purse of the government, it’s very easy to do so by printing money, borrowing it, and handing it out to people in various forms.”

This method of monetary manipulation historically correlates with increases in the cryptocurrency market, suggesting a similar outcome could occur in the upcoming election cycle.

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