Monero Price Analysis: XMR Keep on Growing
price analysis December 15, 2020

Monero Price Analysis: XMR Keep on Growing

On December 15th, the XMR price keeps growing, trading at 153.18 USD.

xmr December 12, 2020

185,000 XMR tokens declared by 19-year-old Ukrainian official

A 19-year-old deputy of the Kramatorsk regional department in the Ukrainian government has been recently appointed and h...

price analysis October 27, 2020

Monero Price Analysis: XMR Keeps Growing

The Monero preserves the current impulse and keeps going upwards. On Tuesday, October 27th, it is trading around 134.85...

--- October 16, 2020

Monero Price Analysis: XMR Correcting But Staying Positive

On Friday, October 16th, the XMR is declining slightly after another wave of the rally. The coin is generally trading at...

--- October 6, 2020

Monero Price Analysis: XMR Looks Vigorous

On Tuesday, October 6th, the Monero (XMR) rate is correcting, though the cryptocurrency itself looks rather strong. It i...

Altcoins September 21, 2020

Privacy coins: Have the good coins gone bad?

A short guide about such crypto coins as Monero, Beam, Zcash, ADK. How they elevate anonymity in the blockchain, what in...

--- July 27, 2020

Coinbase won’t be listing Monero any time soon due to regulation worries according to Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong has said that he won’t be listing Monero as it's still untested grounds for lawmakers across the United...

--- March 9, 2020

Former Monero Lead Maintainer Talks on CBDCs & Privacy

Over the past 30 years, we have seen many advancements in technology. This includes things that are day-to-day uses such...

--- February 4, 2020

Is Trezor Prone to Breaches? Ex-Monero Maintainer Riccardo Spagni Seems to Think so 

Ever since the leading cryptocurrency came into existence more than a decade ago, breaching attacks have always been abl...