Facebook‘s Libra project re-brands to Diem as it plans to launch early 2021
Crypto December 02, 2020

Facebook‘s Libra project re-brands to Diem as it plans to launch early 2021

Earlier this week, Libra announced that it was getting ready to change its whole name and branding to Diem. 

--- October 18, 2020

Former HSBC executive joins Libra Association as its new CFO

Libra, the yet to be released cryptocurrency project from Facebook has just brought on board its chief financial officer...

--- September 21, 2020

Blockchain capital becomes the newest member of the Facebook-led libra Association

Blockchain Capital has just been added to the Libra Association as was released in a blog post published at the end of l...

--- August 22, 2020

What would the rise of CBDCs mean for bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra?

Central-bank digital currencies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. 

--- August 19, 2020

Facebook‘s new division will look into payments with the Libra co-creator at the helm

Over the past 12 months, Facebook has been the talk of the town within the crypto space. 

--- May 26, 2020

As Libra and CBDCs fight for the top spot, could bitcoin be the Darkhorse?

Around this time last year, Facebook announced its Libra token with financial inclusion as its main goal.

--- May 15, 2020

How Facebook & telegram are impacting regulators with their crypto projects

Dr. Steven Waterhouse has said that the government of the United States will not allow for private enterprises to challe...

--- May 8, 2020

Checkout.com teams up with the Libra to help unbanked people all over the world

One of the latest companies to join Libra is Checkout.com, a digital payment processor that is a big believer in the pro...

--- May 7, 2020

Former Undersecretary for Barack Obama takes the CEO spot at the Libra Association 

Libra announced this week that they had appointed Stuart Levey as its chief executive officer.