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Coinbase Is Now Offering Free $50 In EOS With Coinbase Earn

Many people are looking to get their hands on as much cryptocurrency as possible these days. They feel they are stocking up for an upcoming explosion of cryptocurrency value that will only be seen once in a lifetime. While it is unknown what the future brings for this speculation, opportunities are arising that are providing some real chances to get some sweet sweet cryptocurrency. Coinbase is helping to feed the hunger of these crypto-crazy individuals by educating them about the various coins in the hopes of future investments based on the noble technology of the coins. Coinbase has been very...

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EOS Digest #2 - Strategic Vision, Thoughts On Governance, And Promising Projects

EOS and made major announcements in June, celebrated one year from the mainnet launch, defended a bunch of controversies - you can get a quick recap in our previous digest. This month hasn’t brought in many catchy headlines yet, but this makes it a good moment to assess overall prospects — from minor partnership announcements to core problems that affect the EOS blockchain. The Lumi Wallet team has picked the most important news surrounding EOS for you and broken down major think pieces ]that have recently been discussed in the EOS community. news As has previously stated,...

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100x Leverage EOS/USDT Futures Trading Is Available In Bexplus

As the demand for more sophisticated trading features grows within cryptocurrency markets, Bexplus - a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform offering 100x leverage - has listed its new trading pairs, EOS/USDT perpetual contracts. Some exchanges, like Huobi Global offer 4x leverage, while OKEX only offers 5x leverage for EOS/USDT trading pairs. However, in the Bexplus exchange, you can also trade EOS/USDT futures with 100x leverage, making 100% profits on 1% price fluctuation.  Analysis on EOS Price Trend The EOS price drops again after a bullish trend hitting $8.68 in late May and early June but today, EOS is trading at around...

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How Valid Is The Argument That EOS Could “Kill” Ethereum?

If we go off its whitepaper published in 2017, has designed a cryptocurrency which does a lot to enhance the limits of human activity beyond what the bigger stablecoins are doing.  The cryptocurrency that has been dubbed as the “Ethereum killer”, EOS has looked into, and fixed, many scalability issues which have had an impact on some of the major cryptocurrencies. They even went beyond the problems that surround the mining process of obtaining tokens using delegated proof of stake as a model to follow. During their initial coin offering (ICO), a record-breaking and whopping $4 billion was raised...

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EOS Digest - Dan Larimer's Interview Vote Lobbysm Bots In Dapps And Facebook's Libra

Happy birthday, EOS! On June 9 of last year, the EOS Mainnet was launched and just a year later, EOS has over a million accounts on its mainnet and has confidently entrenched itself near the top of all blockchain charts - from coins to dapps. With great power comes great responsibility, and EOS has constantly been the target of controversies and misconceptions, staying under the utmost scrutiny by competitors and users alike. In the crypto world, it is as important to keep up with new information as it is to understand the issues at hand in detail - and with...

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