Axie Infinity Launches Katana DEX
Technology November 05, 2021

Axie Infinity Launches Katana DEX

Axie Infinity, the Ethereum-based crypto game built by Sky Mavis, has announced the launch of its own decentralized exch...

PR November 2, 2021

Emerging Launchpad CoreStarter Aims to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Projects Fundraising

There's no doubt that launchpads have altered the fundraising model for decentralized finance projects. Before the adven...

Crypto September 30, 2021

Many bookmakers now allow crypto betting on their sites.

The tremendous growth of the online gambling industry has created many opportunities for gambling fans worldwide.  Many...

PayPal September 27, 2021

People in the UK Now Able to Buy, Hold, and Sell Cryptos Using PayPal

PayPal has recently announced that it has completed its rollout of crypto offering in the United Kingdom.

Crypto September 16, 2021

Powered by Crypto: Could a Bitcoin Revival Help to Drive Robinhood’s Stock Market Fortunes?

August has gotten off to an exciting start in the parallel worlds of stock market and cryptocurrency investing.

cryptocurrency September 6, 2021

How Can Projects Solve the ‘Token Not Needed’ Tokenomics Problem?

After the ICO craze, a lot of projects were closed and did not release any products or left their tokens abandoned. They...

PR July 21, 2021

GGIVE Wants to Make Crypto a Safer Place for Investors and Charities

Having a safe and reliable experience in crypto is an essential part of driving mass adoption. Rug-pulls and scams hurt...

PR July 19, 2021

The global online hackathon brings together some of the most talented NFT creators

The global online hackathon brings together some of the most talented NFT creators, game developers, artists and blockch...

cryptocurrency July 19, 2021

Proof of Work is outdated — It’s time to switch our attention to Proof of Stake

Following the recent rapid growth and adoption of the Cryptocurrency industry into modern society, there has naturally b...