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Fabian Friedrich: Sustainability and Technologies 'Blockchance Conference'

When his parents asked him at the age of 8 what he would like to become later, he answered without thinking: "I just want to be happy". Later he added: "I never want to have a boss and have to wear a suit".  He survived his school days thinking about a better world. After school he studied computer science and soon founded the hip hop label "Schmuf Hamburg". Four years later - when nobody bought CDs anymore - he quit and founded his first marketing agency "Esprit de liberté" with a friend. Bitcoins, barfoot shoes und veganizm When his business...

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The Venue – Chamber of Commerce 'Blockchance Conference'

As the venue of the "Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2018" we chose the "MLOVE FutureCity Campus" in HafenCity. The venue was exceptional, the charm of the sea container buildings and the proximity to the Elbe impressed the participants. That suited the pioneering spirit of our conference in the first year.   "In Silicon Valley you start big things in a garage - in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, of course, the counterpart is the sea container." (Fabian Friedrich) As a venue for the "Blockchance Conference Hamburg 2019", we chose Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, not least in order to meet the predicted...

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Why Hamburg - Blockchance Conference

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is located in the heart of the Hamburg metropolitan region, which stretches across four federal states and has more than five million inhabitants. Hamburg is a major European business, science, research and education hub with several universities and national and international institutions and has been regarded as cosmopolitan and highly networked since the time of the Hanseatic League.  Due to the strong representation of companies from the logistics, trade, media, aviation and maritime industries, for which the topics Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies will become more relevant in the future, Hamburg has an...

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Blockchance Cyber Parties

We are delighted to introduce you to our Blockchance Cyber Parties (BCP) on Telegram. Join us. Have some fun. Help the community. Get some free tokens. Spread the word. Hamburg Coin (HAM) airdrops To celebrate our cyber parties we have created a new token: Hamburg Coin (HAM). We will use this token to reward our community for helpful behaviour. And we will use it as a prize for the different contests that we have planned for the next few weeks. Collect as many HAM tokens as possible to get a special prize. More details about our contests and HAM in...

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BLOCKCHANCE presents Startup-Pitch and Blockchain-Accelerator

Facebook’s Libra Coin one of the most debated topics in Hamburg Hamburg, 16 July 2019 - BLOCKCHANCE 2019, the international blockchain conference at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, relies on high-tech start-ups for future-oriented blockchain and crypto currency solutions: With a prize money of €50,000, the Indian entrepreneur and international investor Dr. Evan Luthra and the globally active Startup Studio Inkubator are inviting to one of the first Blockchain Startup Awards in Hamburg.  BlockRock Ventures, the first accelerator for blockchain and crypto currency topics in Hamburg, will also be presented at the Blockchain conference. The official launch will be announced...

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