Stories By Giorgi Mikhelidze

Technology December 11, 2020

Germany launches a Euro stablecoin on Stellar

Recently there has been a  lot of discussions about whether countries are ready to switch to digital assets or not.

Bitcoins December 7, 2020

Venezuelan army starts mining Bitcoins

The economic crisis in Venezuela and the international sanctions has created tension between the government and the Vene...

Crypto December 7, 2020

Georgia - a case study of crypto adoption

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has long been a legal means of payment, there is still no global understanding of h...

Crypto December 3, 2020

Why the Philippines is in a unique position for crypto adoption

Many countries in the world are still resistant to letting their citizens legally use cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain December 3, 2020

Ukrainian eSports firm launches fan token for blockchain-based platform

The tendency of integrating cryptocurrencies in the eSports industry is still on the rise.

CBDC December 2, 2020

Saudi Arabia and the UAE agree to introduce CBDC: results of cross-border digital currency trial

CBDC is one of the most widely discussed topics in today’s financial industry.

Mia & the Marbles December 1, 2020

Ethereum welcomes Hamster-powered marble races

On Sunday, hamster-powered marble races were released to the world of Ethereum on the main net. This is a new type of ga...

Blockchain November 30, 2020

Blockchain implementation is only possible through B2B partnerships

Blockchain is one of the most vital technologies in the 21st century and is one thing that most countries have in common...

Crypto November 27, 2020

South Korea proposes delay on Crypto Income Tax Rule implementation

South Korea is one of those countries, which decided to finally adopt the cryptos nationwide, though the plans have chan...

Blockchain November 27, 2020

Australia introduces blockchain in lawsuits

The Australian government will test the use of Blockchain technology for intergovernmental document exchange with Singap...