Obol Partners with Sayfer to Strengthen dApp & API Security

Obol Partners with Sayfer to Strengthen dApp & API Security

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Obol Labs is a software development team at the forefront of blockchain security, pioneering Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) for the Ethereum network. Their mission is to build shared web3 technologies for infrastructure operators, creating a trust-minimized and credibly neutral infrastructure layer for web3.

Sayfer, a leading blockchain security firm, recently joined forces with Obol. This strategic partnership leveraged Sayfer's expertise in dApp and API security to conduct rigorous assessments of Obol's infrastructure, ensuring the utmost protection for users and developers.

Obol's Building Blocks

The Obol network can be seen as an additional layer built on top of the Ethereum base-layer consensus mechanism. This layer is designed to bolster the base layer's resilience and promote decentralization as the network scales. As Ethereum matures, the community will face the challenge of stake centralization. To effectively mitigate these risks, community building and credible neutrality are paramount. Obol Labs has already made incredible strides in making this vision a reality with features such as:

  1. Charon (the Distributed Validator Client): Charon empowers fault-tolerant, multi-node validator operations. This means that even if one node encounters an issue, the validator can continue functioning seamlessly.
  2. Distributed Validator Launchpad: This user-friendly interface streamlines the distributed key generation process, a critical step for establishing Distributed Validators (DVs).
  3. Obol Splits (Smart Contract Efficiency): These pre-built smart contracts simplify reward distribution for DVs, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  4. Open Beta: Obol's Open Beta program allows the user to participate in running a DV on the Ethereum mainnet. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand experience with this innovative technology.

Obol Prioritizes Security With Sayfer’s Expertise 

A collaborative and detailed white-box penetration testing process allowed Sayfer and Obol engineers to quickly fix bugs and ensure that the Launchpad and public API met the highest security standards. According to Aly S., Head of Platform Engineering, "Sayfer helped our engineers solve vulnerabilities, not just find them. Their Web3 security experience has improved our distributed validator cluster setup and management. Sayfer's ongoing support and influence on our security strategy are much appreciated.” 

Building Secure, Community-Driven Networks

The Obol Network is poised to evolve into an open, community-governed, self-sustaining project in the coming years. Together, the community will work towards incentivizing, building, and maintaining DVs, ultimately transforming public networks into a more secure and resilient foundation for future advancements.

Sayfer and Obol are committed to ongoing collaboration and fostering a future where dApps and APIs are built with security at their core.

About Sayfer

Sayfer is a trusted, innovative cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in tailored cybersecurity solutions for businesses. 

Sayfer's researchers and business threat analysts approach cybersecurity with a hacker mindset. This strategy allows Sayfer to prioritize and provide solutions to the most critical areas at risk and address vulnerabilities that traditional security products may overlook. Further, by adhering to the latest industry standards, such as the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard (SCSVSv2), Sayfer helps businesses comply with major regulations such as SOC2, ISO27001, and HIPAA.

At Sayfer, the team works tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of Sayfer's users' businesses from cyber threats, providing them with the peace of mind to continue growing their businesses.

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