Raboo Buying Frenzy Continues Despite Market Slump, Cardano And BOME Continue Downward Spiral

Raboo Buying Frenzy Continues Despite Market Slump, Cardano And BOME Continue Downward Spiral

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As the meme coin sector seeks to bounce back from the recent liquidations, coins like Cardano (ADA) and Book of Meme (BOME) take a hit in token price as well. The second half of the year approaches, and bear sentiment for both coins continues to spur their investors on a search for the next crypto token with high profits. As Raboo's ($RABT) presale gathers momentum and inches faster towards a 100X profit post-launch era, these investors may have found exactly what they need. 

Let's do a quick check-in on Cardano and BOME. 

Cardano continues on a downward spiral

Cardano faces a potentially long bearish season as its investors scamper for high profits alternatives. According to CoinMarketCap, ADA price is down 7.39% in the last 7 days and 17.8% in the last month, portending a further decline in the coming weeks.

Several key factors have been linked to this downtrend, including weak on-chain metrics, a decrease in market cap and a significant decline in the number of core developers. Generally, reduced investor participation and network activity combine with the prevailing bearish sentiment about Cardano's short-term price movements, which, as indicated above, signposts a downtrend.

As Cardano approaches a gloomy half-year ahead, its investors continue to queue behind the new AI meme coin, Raboo that's offering 100X profits after its official launch. 

BOME on a free fall amid bearish sentiment

As meme coins continue to suffer a massive sell-off in recent weeks, Book of Meme's BOME token price has taken a severe hit. According to CoinMarketCap, BOME price is down 17.6% in the past week and 32.97% in the past month.

About a week ago, Morpher AI identified a bearish signal in BOME price movements, and the momentum of this bearish sentiment continued to plunge the token much deeper. BOME investors understand the implications of this downtrend and are now looking to supercharge their portfolios. Can Raboo, the most sought-after meme coin in the crypto market, come to their aid?  

Raboo set to deliver 100X profit to investors as launch approaches 

Investors continue to troop to Raboo's presale, with almost $2m worth of presale tokens sold and 100X profit upon launch, Raboo is all set for the moon.

As meme coins continue to suffer a general market sell-off, this new AI meme coin, Raboo, is promising amazing rewards and price uptrends for its investors. The meme coin creates wealth for investors by leveraging the Post-to-Earn feature, community building and generative AI. The generative AI industry is predicted to be worth a trillion dollars by 2030, and Raboo is set to take a huge chunk of the crypto market share.

Raboo's generative AI, Rabooscan, will collaborate with users to create memes and meme-worthy content. When users post content on their social media pages through Raboo's Post-to-earn Feature, Rabooscan collects this content and creates high-quality memes using them. There's a quality assurance team that verifies that only the best and highest-quality memes go out.

There is a 135 million token reward pool for content creators who take advantage of this feature. The more users contribute to this meme creation process, the higher the reward they get from the pool. As a user, you don't have to wait till launch to start pumping these reward $RABT tokens. You can start now. 


Raboo isn't just on a mission to redefine the meme coin sector by creating high-quality memes. Its 135m reward pool, near $2m presale raised, and a 100x profit for investors are a few reasons the crypto market is going hard for Raboo despite the market slump.

Raboo is at its fourth presale stage, and its $RABT tokens are selling fast at $0.0048 each.

Ready to earn massive rewards and profits? Buy your Raboo tokens here. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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