New Crypto Launch Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Reaches $1M Mark In ICO

New Crypto Launch Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Reaches $1M Mark In ICO

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New crypto launch Base Dawgz continues its stellar performance in the presale. In just over a week after its launch, the new meme coin has now raised over $1 million in its ICO. 

DAWGZ’s impressive fundraising figures have caught the attention of deep-pocketed meme coin investors, several of whom are now bullish on the token. 

Popular YouTube trading expert ClayBro - who has over 130k subscribers - even made a bold statement regarding DAWGZ’s upside potential, hinting that the meme coin could potentially create millionaires.

Why Investors are Bullish on Base Dawgz?

Base Dawgz is a new multi-coin, live on Ethereum, Solana, Avax, BNB Smart Chain and Base. However, as the name suggests, it is primarily native to the Base chain and is aiming to be one of the biggest meme coins within the ecosystem. 

Brett’s explosive price rally has garnered significant attraction towards Base meme coins. Indeed, Brett has rallied close to 400% over the past month, resulting in a strong bounce in other Base tokens such as Basenji and ChompCoin. 

However, the Base meme token sector is largely untapped, with Brett being the only token with a market cap north of $1 billion. Furthermore, only two tokens have a valuation higher than $100 million, neither of which are dog-themed tokens. 

Base Dawgz is poised to fill this vacuum, making it one of the most important new crypto launches to watch. Smart money traders such as Matthew Perry have agreed with this sentiment in their recent videos, claiming that it could replicate Brett’s explosive price action. 

How Token Holders Can Maximize Their Returns With This New Crypto Launch?

As previously mentioned, experts such as ClayBro believe that DAWGZ could potentially create millionaires. 

As such, several meme coins have turned small-scale investors into millionaires. However, the key remains to invest in tokens early before the FOMO kicks in.

Investors looking to maximize their returns with Base Dawgz can invest in this new crypto launch early during the ongoing presale. Currently, the DAWGZ price stands at $0.00502. However, it is set to increase early next week after the completion of the current presale stage. 

However, the rewards and benefits do not end for DAWGZ holders just yet. 

Indeed, Base Dagwz has introduced a novel share-to-earn utility. Participants can now earn free crypto for sharing DAWGZ-related content on their social media, whether it be memes or the latest project updates. 

Initially, they will earn airdrop points, which could later be exchanged for additional $DAWGZ tokens. 

Alternatively, Base Dawgz has its own refer-to-earn program. Participants can create their own referral links from the presale website and receive a percentage of the investments made through their links during the presale.

Base Dawgz token holders can also stake their holdings - starting from the presale itself - and earn attractive passive income. The staking protocol will go live on the Ethereum chain and only investors buying the new meme coin with ETH will be able to benefit from it. 

However, thanks to the project’s use of advanced Web3 tools such as Wormhole and Portal bridge, token holders can take full advantage of DAWGZ’s multi-chain nature. They can switch their holdings from one chain to the other with simply a few clicks. 

Interested investors can head to the Base Dawgz website and purchase the meme coin using the over-the-counter widget. 

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