CoinStats Upgraded Profit & Loss Calculation for Superior Portfolio Management

CoinStats Upgraded Profit & Loss Calculation for Superior Portfolio Management

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CoinStats, a trusted crypto portfolio manager serving over 1 million users globally, has rolled out a major update to its platform, featuring the industry's most accurate profit and loss (P/L) analysis. This enhancement aligns with CoinStats' mission to equip users with superior tools for managing their cryptocurrency investments.

The new update includes advanced metrics to help users gain a clearer understanding of their portfolio performance. Users can now access comprehensive views of their total portfolio P/L through metrics such as Total Cost, Unrealized P/L, Realized P/L, and All P/L, which combines both Unrealized and Realized P/L. These detailed metrics provide investors with a deeper insight into their portfolios, enabling more informed decision-making.

CoinStats has also improved the specificity of its asset-level P/L insights. Users can now view exact profit or loss figures for each asset directly from the ‘Holdings’ tab of any coin. Additionally, this update provides detailed transaction-based P/L insights available when filtering by individual coins in the ‘History’ tab.

In response to user feedback, CoinStats now includes DeFi holdings in the total portfolio balance. This feature ensures that all assets, including those in DeFi protocols, are factored into the portfolio's overall performance metrics.

CoinStats values user input in its development process. The introduction of detailed P/L metrics and the integration of DeFi holdings are direct responses to user needs, reflecting CoinStats' commitment to evolving with the dynamic demands of the crypto market.

For those who wish to showcase their gains, CoinStats now offers an easy way to share P/L metrics. By clicking on any P/L figure in the ‘Holdings’ tab, users can generate a shareable banner, perfect for social media.

These updates solidify CoinStats’ standing as a leader in crypto portfolio management. By delivering detailed and precise P/L calculations, CoinStats aids users in navigating their crypto investments with greater accuracy and confidence. As the crypto market expands, CoinStats remains dedicated to providing tools that empower users to manage their portfolios effectively.

About CoinStats

CoinStats is a leading crypto portfolio tracker and DeFi wallet, trusted by over 1 million users worldwide. The platform supports a broad range of integrated wallets and exchanges, offering users a unified and convenient solution for tracking, swapping, buying, and earning on their crypto assets. CoinStats is committed to empowering users with the tools necessary for effective crypto portfolio management.

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