DeFi Altcoin DTX Exchange Pushes to $700k After Bitcoin Consolidates, Set to Outshine Dogecoin and PEPE

DeFi Altcoin DTX Exchange Pushes to $700k After Bitcoin Consolidates, Set to Outshine Dogecoin and PEPE

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Bitcoin has again been rejected from its all time high and is now consolidating near $67,000. After a small correction, Dogecoin and PEPE are also in the consolidation mode. Amid the market correction, DTX Exchange is roaring higher and higher, reaching a presale of $700,000 in just a few days. According to crypto gurus, DTX Exchange is set to outshine Dogecoin and PEPE in 2024.

Does Elon Musk Hold 20% of Dogecoin Supply?

During a discussion on the social media platform X Space, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and X, publicly reaffirmed his commitment to cryptos. He revealed that he still holds a "significant" amount of Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogecoin, launched in 2013, has gained much popularity as a meme coin in the crypto market. Its playful and lighthearted nature contrasts with more serious blockchain projects. Interestingly, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, a rival cryptocurrency project, recently questioned the extent of Musk's Dogecoin holdings. In an interview, Hoskinson speculated that Musk might own a staggering 20% of the total Dogecoin supply, though there's no confirmation of this claim.

PEPE Rising in the List of Memecoins

Pepe, based on the well-known internet meme "Pepe the Frog," has quickly become a standout in the meme coin market. It's known for its fun, community-centered style, and humorous branding, attracting both serious investors and fans of memes. PEPE coin’s popularity has been growing as the price of coins has increased.

After the launch, PEPE moved by more than 800% in a month. After the rally, it is in correction mode, and a strong market can help it rocket again. If the price again goes to its all time high, there is a chance of a 42% up move in the short term. However the long term outlook for PEPE will be decided by the overall market’s direction.

DTX Raises $700k soon to reach $2M

Despite the slow market performance of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and PEPE, DTX Exchange is taking a significant step forward by adding 120,000 new trading assets to its traditional finance (tradFi) platform and raising $700k in the second stage of the presale. This expansion reaches various financial markets and has helped grow its user base, making DTX a strong contender against older alternative coins.

DTX Exchange is setting itself apart by aiming to transform traditional trading. Its trade platform combines centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX) features, such as commission-free trading and extremely fast transaction speeds—just 0.04 seconds.

DTX is enhancing the trading experience with its secure, blockchain-based infrastructure. It offers powerful features like 1000x leverage and distributed liquidity pools, allowing traders to achieve higher market positions with less capital. 

With non-custodial wallets and a no-KYC policy, DTX ensures that users have complete control over their funds and private keys. This approach not only secures user information but also streamlines their trading experience.

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