How To Join The Sealana Airdrop Before Presale Ends On June 25 - Next 100x Meme Coin?

How To Join The Sealana Airdrop Before Presale Ends On June 25 - Next 100x Meme Coin?

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The Sealana presale now has just 5 days remaining and is scheduled to end on June 25th at 6 PM UTC.

Investors looking to buy this high-potential meme coin early have no time to lose to qualify for the Sealana airdrop. 

Experts are anticipating significant hype and FOMO in the days leading up to the $SEAL IEO. As such, the new Solana meme coin has been in high demand from the very start of its presale, having already raised over $5 million. 

Sealana has also caught the attention of smart money traders and influencers, with many labelling it as the next 100x meme coin. 

How To Qualify For The Sealana Airdrop?

Sealana has adopted an innovative presale model, which has previously been utilized by Slerf and Slothana to great success. 

Investors looking to qualify for the Sealana airdrop simply need to send $SOL tokens to the project wallet, with the wallet address being 3LeVizuW3YoCnjfMfuQ22rSFQLDLdo9jXLKjyqfBU3w5. They will receive the tokens as an airdrop once the presale ends. 

On the other hand, they could use the over-the-counter widget on the Sealana website and swap $SOL tokens after connecting their wallets. They could also choose ETH, USDT or USDC. 

As previously mentioned, investors now have just 5 days to buy the meme coin early at its discounted price of $0.22. Those missing out on the opportunity will have to purchase $SEAL in the open market, potentially at a much higher price. 

Buyers are also advised to follow the Sealana X and Telegram accounts for all the latest updates, including information about the upcoming exchange listings. 

Why Is Sealana In Such High Demand?

New Solana meme coins continue to dominate this bull cycle, thanks to the low trading fees and high scalability on the blockchain. 

In particular, new meme tokens that can make investors laugh are in significantly higher demand, especially amongst crypto whales. 


One doesn’t need to go past the Sealana X account to witness how the meme coin’s comical mascot - a chubby and ultra-patriotic seal - has caught the fancy of investors. 


In just its latest post, the Sealana mascot has managed to sneak past the guards of Area 51, only to be captured by aliens.


On another occasion, he got into a bar fight with Connor McGregor, owing to an ill-timed heckle towards the MMA champion for his retirement. 



Sealana’s theatrics - while eccentric - do have a larger point. Crypto whales know better than to dismiss a meme coin with a popular mascot. After all, Dogwifhat became Solana’s top meme coin, simply because the dog wore a hat. 


In a more recent incident, the Billy meme coin surged by 100x, simply because the investors thought its mascot was “too cute” to be at a low valuation. 


While Sealana’s chubby figure - which is a result of a trader’s diet of chips and tuna - can’t exactly be described as cute, its theatrics have gained a significant fan following. 


It’s, therefore, no surprise that experts are already bullish on the meme coin. Even the popular crypto educational platform 99Bitcoins covered $SEAL in a recent video, informing its 700k subscribers of their last chance to participate in the Sealana airdrop. 

They also hinted at the possibility of Sealana being the next 100x meme coin, a sentiment that is also shared by analysts such as Jacob Bury and Crypto Boy

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