WienerAI Presale Raises $6 Million - Is This AI Meme Coin The Next 100x Crypto?

WienerAI Presale Raises $6 Million - Is This AI Meme Coin The Next 100x Crypto?

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WienerAI - an innovative AI-powered meme coin - has now raised over $6 million in its ongoing presale, a testament to its early demand and strong fundamentals. 

AI coins and meme tokens are two sectors with the highest upside potential during this bull market. With WienerAI belonging to both sectors, it is no wonder that the token is going viral during its ICO itself. 

$WAI has caught the attention of smart money traders and crypto influencers as well, with some calling it the next 100x crypto. 

WienerAI Set To Launch Its Own Trading Bot - Here’s How Token Holders Can Benefit

WienerAI is not your regular pump-and-dump meme coin. The developer team behind the project is prioritizing community-building over all else, aiming to incentivize investors to hold their $WAI tokens for a substantial period.

WienerAI’s cutting-edge trading bot will play a crucial role in executing this strategy. The project describes the bot as a “canine companion”, the ideal partner for a trader in the oncoming bull market. 

Its X account recently dropped sneak peeks of the WienerAI trading bot, which saw significant hype amongst token holders. For instance, the post describes the WienerAI Chatbot as “the ChatGPT of crypto”.

The bot is designed to answer all crypto-related queries and suggest alpha trading setups. Most importantly, it enables seamless swaps from within the app, ensuring that traders do not need to leave the platform to place the trade. 

The trading bot’s UI is also similar to popular LLMs such as ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini, ensuring that users can feel at ease in a familiar setup. 

The WienerAI chatbot gives token holders an incentive to continue to hold, reducing the risk of pump-and-dump price action after the meme coin’s launch. In fact, this AI-powered tool is one of the key factors behind WAI’s strong demand. 

Is WAI a Safe Investment?

New meme coins are often associated with security risks, and for good reason. Scammers take advantage of the bull market euphoria and target small-scale investors. However, the WienerAI developer team has attempted to alleviate all such concerns before the token’s launch on exchanges. 

For instance, the WienerAI smart contract has been audited by Solid Proof, which did not reveal any vulnerability or centralization risks. For instance, the owner of the contract cannot tamper with it after its launch. Neither can they mint new tokens or blacklist addresses. 

As previously mentioned, the WienerAI trading bot is designed to reduce the likelihood of pump-and-dump price action. To add an additional layer of protection, the project has launched its own staking protocol. 

Investors can earn attractive passive returns - currently at over 180% APY - in exchange for price stability and network safety. 

WienerAI has also adopted community-centric tokenomics, with no separate allocation for the developer team. A substantial 70% of the token supply has been reserved for the investors - 30% during the presale, 20% as staking rewards and an additional 20% as community rewards. 

The remaining 30% has been allocated for token liquidity and the project’s marketing strategy. 

Owing to its strong fundamentals and the cutting-edge Trading Bot, experts are quite bullish on the meme coin. Even the popular crypto educational platform 99Bitcoins - which has over 700k subscribers on YouTube - believes that 100x gains could be up for grabs for the early buyers. 

Interested buyers looking to get on the WienerAI bandwagon early can head to its presale website and use the over-the-counter widget to purchase the meme coins. 

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