Brett Price Prediction And A New Base Meme Coin To Watch

Brett Price Prediction And A New Base Meme Coin To Watch

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The broad-based recovery in altcoins today is once again showing the upside potential of Base meme coins. 

The top meme token on the chain - Brett - has flipped Solana meme coin Bonk in terms of market capitalization, data from CoinMarketCap reveals. 

Brett’s market cap currently stands at just under $1.5 billion after the meme coin rallied close to 21% today on Wednesday. 

Unsurprisingly, its strength has sparked high growth in other Base meme coins, with the Degen and Basenji tokens up by over 30% and 90%, respectively. Even a new presale token - Base Dawgz - has raised close to $2 million in its ICO and is drawing comparisons to Brett. 

Brett Price Prediction - How High Can It Go?

Despite its explosive rally today, experts agree that Brett is nowhere close to its cycle top. As such, the meme coin is 23% below its previous all-time high of $0.193. 

Furthermore, it is receiving a tremendous boost from several tier-1 crypto exchanges as they rush to list the meme coin on their platforms. 

In a span of 24 hours, both Kraken and Woo listed BRETT perpetual contracts on their derivatives exchange, while the latter also launched the meme coin on its spot market. 

Owing to its status as the top Base meme token, experts believe that other crypto exchanges such as OKX, Binance and Coinbase could soon join the race.

A few analysts are also viewing BRETT as a derivate of Pepe, considering that both characters trace their roots to Matt Furie’s popular Boy’s Club comics. Indeed, the two tokens are displaying a significant correlation. 

Considering that Pepe is poised to push towards new highs in July, it would not be a surprise if Brett too hits the $0.20 milestone by next month. 

Why Are Base Meme Coins Skyrocketing?

A recent report from CryptoSlate projected that meme coins on Base could outperform their Solana counterparts. The projection now appears to be playing out, with Brett flipping Bonk. 

In fact, bullish Brett investors believe that Bonk is only the first domino to fall, with Dogwifhat and Floki next in line. 

The Base chain has some of the same unique selling points as Solana, including low trading fees and high scalability. With Base being a Layer-2 venture of Coinbase - the largest exchange in the US with close to 140 million users - its tokens could very well see higher brand awareness and mainstream adoption. 

Furthermore, smart money traders have quickly identified that the Base meta is still in its nascent stages while other ecosystems including Ethereum and Solana are now saturated with pump-and-dump meme coins. 

For instance, only 3 Base meme coins have a valuation north of $100 million, with Brett being the only token with a market cap of over $1 billion. As a result, Brett and other new meme coins on Base have the potential to outperform the rest of the meme token sector in the next leg of the bull market. 

Is Base Dawgz The Next Meme Coin To Explode?

As previously mentioned, the new meme coin Base Dawgz is quickly drawing comparisons to Brett, owing to its strong early demand and strong fundamentals. 

For instance, DAWGZ has already closed to $2 billion in its ICO in just over two weeks, emerging as one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies on Base. 

Despite being native to Base, DAWGZ is a multi-chain meme coin. The token is already live on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Smart Chain and Avalanche, aiming to maximize its visibility amongst potential investors. =

Base Dagwz’s multi-chain status also benefits buyers, who can swap the native token of any of the aforementioned chains to buy the meme coin. 

Another key factor behind its strong demand is its unique airdrop program. Interested participants simply need to share Base Dawgz-related content on social media to earn airdrop points, which could later be exchanged for additional DAWGZ tokens.

Alternatively, they can encourage their friends to invest in the meme coin through their referral link and receive a percentage of each investment made during the presale. To top it off, investors can simply stake their holdings and earn attractive passive income. 

Owing to its innovative share-to-earn concept and strong hype, smart money traders are bullish on DAWGZ, with some even hinting at the possibility of 100x gains. 

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