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Solana's First DeFi Layer 2: Zeta Markets' ZX to Launch in 2025

Solana's First DeFi Layer 2: Zeta Markets' ZX to Launch in 2025

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Zeta Markets has announced the launch of Zeta X (ZX), a pioneering DeFi layer-2 solution on Solana in early 2025, enhancing decentralized trading efficiency and expanding the utility of its native token.

Zeta X To Launch in 2025

Zeta Markets, a decentralized derivatives exchange, is poised to transform decentralized derivatives trading with the introduction of Zeta X (ZX), a layer-2 solution on the Solana blockchain. Scheduled for release in early 2025, ZX will be the first DeFi layer-2 on Solana, designed to enhance the performance of decentralized trading to levels comparable with centralized exchanges.

Tristan Frizza, founder of Zeta Markets, emphasized the advantages of this new platform, stating, 

"By taking the inherent strengths of Solana’s Layer 1 and harnessing the power of a purpose-built L2, ZX will provide traders with an unparalleled experience in terms of speed, efficiency, and security."

Technological Innovations

The official announcement on introduced a comprehensive litepaper detailing the technological foundations of ZX. The team is utilizing zk-proofs and an optimistic roll-up built on Solana. 

According to the litepaper, 

"The rollup will use an off-chain matching engine to achieve performance on par with centralized exchanges whilst leveraging the transparency and security of Solana L1 for data availability (DA) and settlement."

The ZX platform boasts the capability to process up to 10,000 transactions per second with sub-10 millisecond confirmations. This infrastructure supports one-click trading and offers leverage up to 50x, aiming to provide a seamless and highly efficient trading experience.

Expanded Utility of $Z Token

With the launch of ZX, the utility of Zeta Markets' native token, $Z, will extend beyond governance and incentives. $Z will function as the native gas token for transactions on the ZX rollup and serve as an incentive mechanism to reward stakeholders, including sequencers, for executing critical operations on the platform.

Roadmap and Development Phases

The litepaper outlines a detailed roadmap for ZX's development. Currently, in the developmental phase, the team is focused on building the core architecture. 

In Q3 of 2024, the project will transition to a testing phase with the launch of a testnet, allowing early adopters to evaluate its performance and provide feedback. 

The final quarter of 2024 will be dedicated to thorough testing and auditing of smart contracts and the platform to ensure robust security.

ZX's mainnet launch is planned for Q1 2025. The rollout will be executed in a phased manner to enhance scalability and user onboarding. This final phase will also include educational initiatives aimed at facilitating user adoption and ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform.

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