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Crypto Trading Simulator Bankster’s Native $BARS Token Lists On Top CEXs

Crypto Trading Simulator Bankster’s Native $BARS Token Lists On Top CEXs

The play-to-earn crypto trading game Banksters is taking the next step in boosting accessibility to its native $BARS utility token, listing it on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The May 30 listing of the $BARS token makes it available to buy on five top crypto exchange platforms, including MEXC, BingX. This move is expected to attract more attention to one of the most educational blockchain games around. 

Banksters is educational because the gameplay is focused on teaching players how to become expert cryptocurrency traders, imbuing them with skills that they’ll later be able to put to use in the real world. 

Available on Web browsers and Android through Google Play, the game employs accurate market prices, with assets mirroring the ups and downs of their real-world counterparts. In Banksters, players can purchase an NFT to take on the role of a crypto trader, and then learn to trade in a profitable way as they progress through the game, completing daily challenges and going head-to-head with other players. 

Players will learn all of the ins and outs of real trading, understanding how to read price charts quickly and accurately, analyze the markets and identify the signals used by experts to make profitable trades. They’ll get to master a number of popular trading strategies, learning valuable skills while enjoying the challenge of trying to keep their head above water and maximize their profits. 

Banksters believes that crypto is the perfect market for anyone wanting to learn how to trade, due in part to the volatility associated with many digital assets. Players will acquire skills that can help them to deal with this volatility and even profit from it, and all the time they will slowly but surely increase their knowledge of how the financial markets work. There are unique elements in the game too, with NFT upgrades available and the chance to go head-to-head in a battle with other human traders, seeing who will make the largest profit over a 24-hour period. 

The $BARS token is an essential aspect of Bankers, used to pay for upgrades, mint entirely new NFT characters, and enter the head-to-head battles. Of course, players also get to earn $BARS every day simply by playing the game and completing various challenges. 

The intriguing concept has sparked big demand for the $BARS token. Earlier this year, Bankster’s held an initial public sale of $BARS across three leading crypto launchpads, raising a total of 550,000 USDT in a matter of hours, with the entire supply sold out. Banksters said the sale saw the enthusiastic participation of both players and investors, who might not want to play the game themselves, but believe it’s a highly promising project nevertheless. 

Listing $BARS on multiple exchange platforms is the natural next step for Banksters, giving early investors a chance to cash in and enabling those who missed the initial sales to finally participate in its ecosystem. 

According to Banksters’ CEO and CMO Alexandru Carbunariu, the $BARS token offers real utility and incentives tied to real-world economic principles. “In addition to the game and token, players also have opportunities in the form of contests on our social networks in partnership with other projects,” Carbunariu said. 

The public sale of $BARS was preceded by a successful airdrop campaign that saw the 1,000 most active Banksters players win NFTs from a prize pool valued at 100,000 USDT. 

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