Lynex Integrates Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP for DEX Trading on Linea

Lynex Integrates Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP for DEX Trading on Linea

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Linea, the Consensys zkEVM, has been enhanced by the integration of two new products for onchain traders. One of the leading DEXes operating on Linea, Lynex, has added dLIMIT and dTWAP courtesy of Orbs. These features allow Lynex to support advanced order types more commonly associated with CEX trading.

dLIMIT and dTWAP have already been extensively integrated by decentralized exchanges spanning networks from BNB Chain to Polygon. Developed by Orbs and powered by Orbs network, dLIMIT allows traders to set buy orders for a specific price, a feature that most DEXes don’t offer by default. Lynex will allow traders to access dLIMIT and dTWAP at no extra cost, with the services slotting into the Linea exchange’s existing products.

The D Is for Decentralized

The benefit of dLIMIT and dTWAP is that they allow traders to access advanced order types without incurring custodial risk. The ‘d’ stands for decentralized after all, while TWAP stands for Total Weighted Average Price. This feature allows large orders to be broken down into multiple trades. These are executed in chunks, which reduces price impact, something which can be an issue when trading onchain.

Liquidity pools are required to rebalance after a large swap has been made; dTWAP eases the pressure on them while also ensuring that the trader receives a better rate. On layer2 networks such as Linea, where fees are markedly lower than Ethereum, orders can be feasibly broken down into multiple trades. Combined with dLIMIT, dTWAP gives DEX users a level of precision that is normally the preserve of centralized exchanges. 

Lynex Levels Up

Lynex has been going strong on Linea, recording over $9M in volume in November. That’s good for a zk EVMchain that’s just getting started. The TVL on Linea stands at just $60M, but this is increasing steadily as new users bridge funds to the Consensys-developed chain.

Traders who visit Lynex are now presented with four tabs within its AMM including ones marked LIMIT and TWAP respectively. After connecting a web wallet that’s funded with ETH on Linea, it’s then a case of entering the desired order settings and then waiting for market conditions to be met in order for it to be fulfilled.

With Linex’s integration of dTWAP, the user can optionally set a limit price and enter the desired number of trades and the size of each one. The trade interval can also be set; by default it’s at two minutes. Once set up, Orbs’ smart contracts will take care of the rest, ensuring that the desired asset is purchased in multiple transactions. 

Orbs Rolls Out Its Tech

In addition to operating its own public blockchain, Orbs has seen strong demand for its dLIMIT and dTWAP products. Close to 10 DEXes have integrated them so far including QuickSwap, SpookySwap, Thena, and Chronos. Because the pair are EVM compatible, they can be added to virtually any chain that forms part of the Ethereum ecosystem. 

The open design of DeFi protocols allows smart contracts such as those powering dLIMIT and dTWAP to be easily integrated into most decentralized exchanges. As a result, innovation that starts on one blockchain can quickly move to other networks.

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