Crypto Prices Dip On PCE Inflation Data, New Meme Coins High In Demand

Crypto Prices Dip On PCE Inflation Data, New Meme Coins High In Demand

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The Bitcoin price continues its consolidatory price action on Thursday and is currently trading at $68,100 at press time. 

Crypto prices continue to show a bearish inclination as the market awaits the key PCE inflation data, set to be released tomorrow on Friday. Notably, the Personal Consumption Expenditure or PCE is the Federal Reserve’s favourite inflation metric, even more than the much-hyped CPI. 

Owing to the market uncertainty, smart money traders continue to invest in new meme coins. Tokens such as Dogeverse and Sealana are not only displaying promising price potential but also lack any major correlation with the broader market sentiment. 

Why Are Crypto Prices Down Today?

Macroeconomic risks continue to spook the cryptocurrency market as concerns regarding sticky inflation levels and high interest rates remain a roadblock to a sustainable bull rally. 

For instance, after another day of weak debt auction on Wednesday, the US 10-year Treasury Yields spiked to 4.623%, surging by 30 basis points in just two weeks. The US 2-year to 30-year yields showed a similar bounce, signalling rising macroeconomic concerns. 

Key Fed officials are also adopting a hawkish stance, with Minnesota Fed President Neel Kashkari stating that “many more months of positive inflation data” are required to start quantitative easing. He even teased more interest rate hikes, a decidedly disastrous scenario for large-cap altcoins. 

Consequently, the CME FedWatch is no longer favouring an interest rate cut in September, highlighting only a 45% possibility for the move. 

All eyes now turn to the upcoming Personal Consumption Expenditure data. As previously mentioned, PCE is the Fed’s preferred inflation measure. In the bearish scenario that the PCE misses the market’s expectations tomorrow, a larger crypto prices crash could follow. 

Key Support Levels for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The rising macroeconomic risks have thrown a wrench in May’s crypto bull rally.

Rather than trying to breach the $68k and $72k resistance levels, the bulls now need to defend the crucial $66k - $67k region. Bad PCE data could result in BTC losing this important support, which could kickstart a larger downside move to $60k. 

Meanwhile, the altcoins desperately need Ethereum to remain strong against Bitcoin. The ETH/BTC pair must hold above the 0.051 level or face increased selling pressure on altcoins. 

Crypto prices would also hope for the skyrocketing US Treasury Yields to cool down in June, without which a larger altcoin rally is out of the question. 

New Meme Coins Remain In High Demand

New meme coins lack any correlation to the broader market outlook, which makes them an excellent investment avenue during uncertain macroeconomic conditions. New rags-to-riches stories every day also help. 

For instance, the multi-chain meme coin Dogeverse is currently all the hype as it nears its highly-anticipated IEO on June 5th. 

The Dogeverse presale raised over $15 million, signalling the meme coin’s promising price potential after its launch. The ICO is set to end on June 3rd, which is also contributing to the FOMO. 

Dogeverse is set to be the first meme coin to launch on 6 different blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Base, Avalanche, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain. 

Experts believe that this multi-chain strategy could end up being a game-changer for the meme coin’s brand awareness. After all, Dogeverse will grab the attention of all investors searching for the best Solana meme coins or the top Base meme coins. 


Consequently, smart money investors believe that Dogeverse could potentially deliver up to 1000x returns after its launch. 

Similarly, a new Solana meme coin - Sealana ($SEAL) - is showing strength during its ongoing presale, raising over $3 million in the first few weeks. 


The meme coin is on the radar of deep-pocketed investors as well as the retail crowd. Popular crypto influencers have gone as far as to call Sealana the next potential 100x meme coin.


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