Crypto News: Former Binance CEO CZ Sentenced To 4 Months, BTC Breaks Back Above Important $62K Resistance, Rollblock ($RBLK) Set To Gain 840%

Crypto News: Former Binance CEO CZ Sentenced To 4 Months, BTC Breaks Back Above Important $62K Resistance, Rollblock ($RBLK) Set To Gain 840%

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After battling the bear trend for weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) is bouncing back again, surging past the $62K key resistance zone to signal the resurgence of the bulls. This is coming at a time when the founder of the world's largest crypto exchange, Changpeng Zhao, is heading to prison for money laundering. While analysts thought the sentencing of the former Binance CEO would send ripples to the market, the former has been the case with the market booming. 

In another development, a new crypto casino, Rollblock (RBLK), is revolutionizing the online igaming sector with its innovative business model. Analysts have projected massive rallies for the token in the coming weeks, with some expecting an 800% rise in value during the presale. This coupled with an amazing revenue share feature has seen huge anticipation for the future of this meterotic presale star.

Rollblock Projected for Massive 840% Gains in Presale

Rollblock is a community-based gaming provider with unique ideas that are set to disrupt the iGaming and casino market. The new GameFi protocol's main goal is to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized gaming while offering users the best of both worlds. 

Using blockchain technology, Rollblock ensures that all transactions are permanent and immutable, making it impossible to alter bets once placed. It offers a secure and user-friendly experience different from what is obtainable online. While issues of KYC’s are a talking point in many platforms, Rollblock doesn't require KYC, all a user needs is an email to sign up.

The Rollblock native token RBLK serves as a reward mechanism for players who engage in various activities on the platform. The Rollblock ecosystem has unique features, such as the profit-sharing model, which ensures that token holders get a percentage of the platform's daily revenue. The platform also repurchases the tokens in circulation through the buy-back model feature to increase the value. 

With RBLK, users can get exclusive access to some games, stake the token and earn rewards and exchange the token for other cryptocurrencies or fiat, the use cases are enormous. Investors can purchase RBLK for just $0.01 during stage one of the presale. With a plethora of features and an already operational platform analysts have projected 840% rallies before the end of the presale, making RBLK one of the top crypto coins to invest in for massive gains in the future.

BTC Breaks Back Above Important $62K Resistance

After struggling with the bear trend for weeks, Bitcoin is back to the bull market, breaking above the key resistance trendline of $62K in the past few days. With the approval of Bitcoin Spot trading in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, some analysts have picked BTC as one of the best crypto coins to invest in 2024.

The Bitcoin price chart shows that the 200-day moving average is at an all-time high of $50,178, a key technical indicator for forecasting the long-term Bitcoin price trend. This suggests a bullish outlook for Bitcoin in the long term, with analysts saying that BTC is as strong as ever.

The Bitcoin price has also stabilized above the $62k mark, with analysts predicting a retest of the $70k mark in May. With the increasing Bitcoin trading volume and market cap, a surge above $65K is possible soon. This makes BTC one of the best crypto coins to invest in now for long-term gains.

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