Polimec Brings Decentralized Fundraising to Polkadot

Polimec Brings Decentralized Fundraising to Polkadot

Zug, Switzerland, May 20th, 2024, Chainwire

Decentralized funding protocol Polimec has launched with the goal of kickstarting a new era of community-funded Polkadot projects. The protocol provides a transparent way for teams to raise funds and issue tokens while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The first project to feature on Polimec is Apillon, an infrastructure solution for web3 developers. With the start of the first Evaluation Round on Polimec, investors get the opportunity to appraise projects and decide whether they should advance to the Funding Round. Other projects that are set to raise funds on Polimec include Mandala Chain, Gotem, and ImpactScope.

Polimec is designed to maintain the decentralization integral to web3, providing a regulatory-compliant environment that connects investors and startups globally. To participate in a project on Polimec, users must obtain a Deloitte KYC Credential, which if eligible grants access to funding information, evaluation of projects and participation in funding rounds.

Projects can conduct single or multiple funding rounds using Polimec, while investors can participate in rounds that meet their criteria. Protocol governance is determined by the PLMC holders, an on-chain council and technical committee. Any PLMC holder can submit a proposal, which results in a token-holder vote provided it gets the required backing.

Polimec enables emerging web3 projects, focused on the Polkadot ecosystem, an opportunity to achieve their funding goals. This will maximize their prospects of developing transformative blockchain solutions and increasing adoption by solving real-world problems. Polimec simultaneously gives web3 investors of all kinds access to projects committed to fundraising on a transparent and compliant basis.

The first Evaluation and Funding Rounds to be performed on Polimec will give the Polkadot community an opportunity to experience the future of web3 fundraising and to appraise some of the most innovative projects currently seeking capital to turn their ideas into reality.

About Polimec

Polimec is a permissionless fundraising infrastructure protocol providing an automated framework for projects to raise funds within a broad and diverse investor base with transparent and fair access for all. The protocol allows access to fundraising and governs the issuance, distribution, and conversion of tokens to mainnet.

The protocol maximizes value creation for Web3 projects, allows different stakeholders to participate in funding rounds, and minimizes information asymmetry between participants and issuers to grow their community. The underlying reward mechanism ensures that the interests of the various participants and projects are aligned for sustainable fundraising.

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