Hedera Soars on Misinterpreted Statement; Experts Predict 15x Return for Cardano. What’s Next for Raboo?

Hedera Soars on Misinterpreted Statement; Experts Predict 15x Return for Cardano. What’s Next for Raboo?

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After a misinterpreted post from HBAR Foundation regarding BlackRock, the price of Hedera increased 96% in 24 hours. Cardano’s price also caught headlines after analysts predicted an incoming 15x surge in 2024.

Meanwhile, Raboo's upcoming launch of its new AI-backed meme coin has seen analysts predict an upcoming 100x rally for $RABT. Already, Raboo's presale entry price has risen from $0.003 to $0.0042, and more than $1.3 million has been raised so far.

Hedera soars 96% on speculation of a possible BlackRock partnership

News of BlackRock's money market fund getting tokenized on Hedera's blockchain sent a wave of bullish excitement across the crypto market, leading to a remarkable 96% rally for Hedera in 24 hours. After Archax and Ownera, a blockchain trading and infrastructure firm, moved to tokenize BlackRock's ICS US Treasury Fund on Hedera's blockchain, HBAR Foundation posted a statement about "bringing the world's largest asset manager on-chain."

The announcement led Hedera holders to believe that BlackRock was looking to move $22.3 billion of its fund to Hedera's blockchain through a possible partnership. However, the statement was later redacted after it was revealed that BlackRock had no partnership with Hedera. While Hedera's price has since retracted lower support levels, the bullish sentiment around Hedera is still strong, with some expecting a 5x rally for HBAR in 2024.

Cardano's price is predicted to be 15x in a new bullish resurgence

The past few months have seen Cardano’s price struggle to reclaim the attention of traders after its dip from its all-time high of $3.10. Now, a fresh forecast by professional market analysts suggests that Cardano's price could rally 15x following a potential listing of ADA on Gemini.

Unlike Hedera's rumors about BlackRock, news of ADA's possible listing on Gemini kicked off when the company posted a statement praising Cardano as an open-source protocol for democratizing governance and consensus. As one of the leading crypto exchanges, the rumors of a possible Cardano listing injected a fresh bout of excitement about ADA among traders, especially after Cardano's price-neutral streak over the past few months.

Raboo is driving the future of meme coin with AI integration

Cardano's price and BlackRock aside, Raboo is the talk of the town as the hype over its ongoing presale takes center stage, with investors raising over $1.3 million. Raboo is developing an AI-backed meme coin that is built on a Social-Fi ecosystem where users can earn $RABT via challenges and giveaways.

Each user will also be able to not only create posts and memes using artificial intelligence but earn from their content through Raboo. With an aim of becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency,Raboo combines the best of the world of AI tokens with the booming meme culture. Already, market analysts predict a 233% growth for $RABT during its presale.


For anyone looking to tokenize on the world's most reliable and scalable blockchains, Hedera's blockchain and Cardano's Proof of Stake network offer one of the most affordable alternatives. However, if you are looking to grab a token that could rival Cardano's price rally of 15x, Raboois the best choice for a 100x return.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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