$BULL Project Signifies The Arrival of the Bull Market On Polkadot

$BULL Project Signifies The Arrival of the Bull Market On Polkadot

Lisbon, PORTUGAL. 20 MAY, 2024. // Those holding Polkadot ($DOT) in anticipation of the DOT is DED ($DED) snapshot and airdrop event are now set to witness memecoin infrastructure being introduced by the same team. $BULL is poised to launch soon and it will have a huge ripple effect on the Polkadot ecosystem, setting the blockchain up to compete better in the ongoing memecoin frenzy.

Giotto De Filippi, the Chief Memer at $DED, the grassroots Polkadot community coin that has won widespread praise, is behind the launch of the $BULL project. He explains that this is “A platform where anyone can create, distribute, and trade tokens in just a few clicks and with the best UX”. For memecoin lovers looking for more activity on the Polkadot blockchain, Giotto believes that $BULL holds the key.

Having witnessed rival blockchains such as Solana make huge gains and dominate the memecoin space, Giotto feels that what Polkadot needs is a super easy way for non-devs to do fair memecoin launches. 

pump. fun, which has inspired so much activity on the Solana blockchain, sets a benchmark and template for what $BULL needs to do to be successful. In fact, when questioned about creating a rival, Giotto said “We are working on it, it's going to be called $BULL”.

What should $DOT and $DED holders and enthusiasts do in the meantime? “In the near future expect an announcement for $BULL”, Giotto advises, while reminding the community that $BULL is trying to compete with Solana, not Polkadot. 

Since the start, $DED has been a community-driven effort with a mission to revitalize Polkadot. DOT holders have received their $DED and the community rejoices, heralding DOT is DED as a key component of the Polkadot ecosystem. 

For the latest updates and community activity join the $DED Telegram channel and follow Giotto De Filippi on Twitter/X.

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