Blockchain Week 2024: Keynotes and Networking Opportunities at Australia’s Leading DLT Event

Blockchain Week 2024: Keynotes and Networking Opportunities at Australia’s Leading DLT Event

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Blockchain Australia, the nation's peak blockchain and digital asset association, is preparing to host its annual conference, Blockchain Week 2024. The four-day event, themed “The Digital Convergence” will take place from June 11th to 14th in multiple iconic venues across Sydney, coinciding with the Vivid Sydney festival. 

A Closer Look at the Adoption Surge

Cryptocurrency ownership in Australia has surged in past years. Insights from a recent Swyftx survey shed light on the demographics driving the growing popularity of digital assets in the region. The number of cryptocurrency holders has jumped from 3.4 million in 2021 to around 4.5 million in 2023. Millennials, in particular, have seen adoption rates rise from 35.6% to 40.7%. 

According to Swyftx, one reason behind the surge is that many Australians are curious about the tech behind crypto. It's not just about making a quick buck anymore; people are genuinely interested in understanding blockchain and crypto's potential. Second, people look to grow their wealth beyond the usual stocks and property, and crypto's past successes (think Bitcoin!) are turning heads.

Third, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are increasingly accepted by more businesses and used for everyday purchases, which shows trust and successful daily life integration. Fourth, the region’s authorities are working on clear rules for crypto, which helps build confidence in it as a legitimate investment, while numerous educational programs shed light on both the benefits and risks of crypto. 

Blockchain Week 2024: Highlights

Supported by, Take3, Chainanalysis, Protocol Theory, and Swyftx, Blockchain Week 2024 brings together business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, as well as DLT builders and innovators.

During the four-day event, speakers and industry leaders will deliver keynotes on the most trending topics from the Web3 space:

  • Government Address: Dr. Andrew Charlton MP

  • Industry Insights: Jonathan Inglis, Protocol Theory

  • Blockchain Builders Panel: Helen McHugh, ACS

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Dongliang Guo, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

  • Financial Technology: Effie Dimitropoulos, Novatti

  • Payments: Ashima Chaudhary, Mastercard

  • Digital Assets: Vakul Talwar,

  • Custody: Julian Sawyer, Zodia Custody

  • AI and Web3: Caroline Page, Virtually Human

  • Tokenisation: Lisa Wade, DigitalX

  • Payments: Rob Allen, Australian Payments Plus

  • Digital ID: Verida

  • Digital Currency Exchanges: Jamie Elkaleh, Bitget

Day one of Blockchain Week 2024 will explore DLT's role in building the digital economy, showcasing real-world use cases and cryptocurrency ecosystems, with an evening networker to foster collaboration. Day two offers expert insights into digital assets for the financial industry and regulations and ends with a celebration of Blockchain Australia's 10th anniversary.

By this point, the conference is in full swing: day three features engaging discussions on navigating digital convergence, while day four utilizes an "unconference" format across Sydney for interactive conversations at multiple venues. The final night brings an afterparty merging the digital and artistic revolutions. 

A Digital Asset Breakfast and Q&A session at Parliament House and an Anniversary Gala Dinner will provide networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders. 

Blockchain Australia's Vision for a Blockchain-Powered Future

While Australia's digital economy is rapidly expanding, navigating the intricacies of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) is crucial for businesses looking to leverage the technology effectively. Blockchain Australia acts as Australia’s peak industry body for businesses implementing or evaluating blockchain or distributed ledger technology while fostering community and industry partnerships to advance blockchain adoption.

The vision? To propel the region to the forefront of global blockchain development, which usually translates to working with industry leaders and government bodies and fostering an environment that embraces innovation. By organizing events like Blockchain Week, The Blockies, and Policy Forum, Blockchain Australia enables industry players to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and propel the country’s position as a major DLT player on the global stage. 

Visit the Blockchain Week website ( to keep up with the updates and secure your spot at the event.

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