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Metaplanet Emerges as Asia's Answer to MicroStrategy with $6.5M BTC Investment

Metaplanet Emerges as Asia's Answer to MicroStrategy with $6.5M BTC Investment

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Metaplanet has partnered with Sora Ventures to invest $6.5 million in Bitcoin in a bid to build “Asia’s First MicroStrategy.” 

Metaplanet’s Strategic Shift

Metaplanet Inc., a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company, has signaled a significant shift in its financial strategy by embracing Bitcoin as a core component of its treasury assets. The company has committed an initial investment of JPY 1 billion (approximately $6.56 million) to Bitcoin, echoing the pioneering move made by MicroStrategy in the United States.

Simon Gerovich, CEO of Metaplanet Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic move, stating, 

“I am thrilled to lead Metaplanet as we take a bold step into the future, committing an initial JPY 1 billion to Bitcoin as our core treasury asset going forward. Thanks to the support from our partners and investors. I’m proud of our pioneering spirit and excited for what lies ahead.”

A Milestone in Financial Innovation

In a statement released on April 8 via social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Metaplanet described this initiative as part of its groundbreaking shift in financial strategy, emphasizing the fusion of finance and innovation. 

The firm declared, 

“This strategic pivot is not just about embracing digital assets but also about pioneering a future where finance meets innovation at its core…Our transition to Bitcoin is a significant milestone in our mission to lead in the digital finance era and positions Metaplanet as a pioneer in the adoption of digital assets in Japan.”

Strategic Partnerships and Industry Recognition

Metaplanet’s entry into the Bitcoin market was facilitated by strategic partnerships with key figures in finance and cryptocurrency, including Sora Ventures, Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital, and Jack Liu. 

Jason Fang, the founder of Sora Ventures, hailed Metaplanet’s move as “Asia’s first MicroStrategy,” claiming, 

“The product will enable Japanese to gain exposure to bitcoin without paying an unrealized gains tax that could go as high as 55%. It will also enable anyone with an account to Tokyo Stock Exchange to gain exposure to bitcoin without any regulatory risks.”

Fang’s involvement in Metaplanet’s board signals a deeper collaboration aimed at enabling Tokyo Stock Exchange account holders to gain Bitcoin exposure seamlessly.

Following Lead Of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy’s success as the largest public holder of Bitcoin has served as a model for companies like Sora Ventures venturing into the digital asset space. With over 214,000 BTC valued at approximately $15.3 billion, MicroStrategy’s BTC bet has attracted attention globally.

Operating across various sectors, including hotel development, Web3 consulting, and real estate investments, Metaplanet has established itself as a dynamic player with a global presence. Despite its market cap being significantly smaller than MicroStrategy's, standing at 4.27 billion JPY ($28 million), Metaplanet's stock experienced a remarkable surge of 90% following the announcement of its Bitcoin investment.

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