CYBRO Presale Gears Up on the BlastUP Launchpad, BLP Token Holders Get Priority Access

CYBRO Presale Gears Up on the BlastUP Launchpad, BLP Token Holders Get Priority Access

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On April 5, CYBRO, an innovative earn marketplace on the Blast blockchain, launched its presale phase. At this stage, the company will enable early investors to acquire its native CYBRO tokens at a discounted price, providing an advantageous entry into the project. An exclusive presale went live on the BlastUP launchpad, granting BLP token holders first dibs on participation in the event.

For the presale, CYBRO allocated 215 million tokens, representing 21.5% of the total supply. Following the token generation event, scheduled for Q3 2024, there will be a three-month cliff period, after which new CYBRO tokens will be credited to investors in equal portions over 9 months. This linear distribution strategy is designed to minimize the impact on the token’s price during the vesting period.

The CYBRO token will be central to its ecosystem, providing rewards and incentives for utilizing the yield-generating products available on the CYBRO marketplace. The token will enhance user profitability on the platform, which will feature staking, farming, and lending opportunities, as well as streamlined cash-in and cash-out solutions.

Specifically, CYBRO holders will benefit from:

  • Discounted trading and lending fees, varying by tier;

  • Attractive APY on staked tokens;

  • Cashback in CYBRO for marketplace transactions;

  • Investment protection through the CYBRO Insurance Program.

As the utility of CYBRO is still in development, potential investors can anticipate more compelling functionalities in the near future, which are expected to enhance the token’s value and market appeal.

CYBRO distinguishes itself by offering highly profitable products, leveraging Blast’s real payment infrastructure. While this uniqueness sets a strong base for CYBRO to thrive right away, its product roadmap promises an even more prosperous and innovation-packed future with diverse DeFi and yield-focused opportunities.


CYBRO, a decentralized application (dApp) on the Blast blockchain, offers a versatile earn marketplace with opportunities for staking, farming, and lending. Designed for ease and efficiency, it features built-in DeFi protocol aggregators, an exceptional top-up and withdrawal experience, and self-custody of assets, ensuring users maintain full control. CYBRO provides competitive yields based on the sum of the Blast APY and CYBRO token APY and establishes itself as a go-to platform for seamless crypto earnings and transactions.



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