7 Best Free Cloud Mining Software in 2024 – Daily payouts

7 Best Free Cloud Mining Software in 2024 – Daily payouts

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity as a new form of investment. One way to earn cryptocurrency is through cloud mining, which is the process of renting computing power from remote data centers to mine cryptocurrency. In this article, we will explore the 7 best free cloud mining sites in 2024 that offer daily earnings.




Payout Period















Within 24 hours




Every 30-40 minutes




Every 4 hours



0.00384961 BTC



1- ARKMining (Rating: 9.8)

ARKMining is one of the first companies to provide cloud mining services. After years of development, they now have five mining farms around the world with members in more than 195 countries/regions, and they are trusted by over 650,000 users worldwide.

ARKMining use renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, to mine in the cloud, which greatly reduces the cost of mining and integrates the remaining electricity into the grid. This means you can get huge mining power without expensive hardware and without having to deal with noise and heat at home. All you need is your computer or mobile phone to sign a mining contract and get rewarded.


Automated daily payouts
No overhead or electricity fees
An affiliate program with 3.5% lifetime rewards
Different crypto contracts to choose from
24-hour online support
Eco-friendly mining


Contract price

Contract terms

Fixed return

Daily rate


1 Days




1 Days




3 Days




5 Days




6 Days




Minimum investment amount: $200

For additional information on ARKMining, please visit their website at

2- BeMine (Rating: 9.5)

BeMine was established at the start of 2018 and provides its services throughout CIS and Russia. They put the selling of mining contracts to shame by becoming pioneers in the cloud sharing of ASIC miners. BeMine now operates in the Siberian towns of Almaty, Kazakhstan, Irkutsk, the city of Moscow, and the Chelyabinsk region with more than 70,000Th/s.

BeMine is a platform that connects Russian data centers with miners and people interested in Bitcoin from around the world. Users can travel, install, configure, and maintain ASIC without being physically present by purchasing and storing mining equipment. Miners are welcome to store their gear in affiliated data centers.

If you don’t want to purchase the ASIC miner in its entirety, you can try with its shares. BeMine’s capability to sell up to 1/100 of an exact ASIC for an acceptable cost rather than needing to purchase a full expensive machine may be very useful when beginning a coin mining adventure. However, if you have the whole one, you may also order ASIC to have it delivered from door to door.

3- Ecos (Rating: 9.4)

Ecos was established in 2017 and is one of the most reputable cloud mining and DeFi platforms in the cryptocurrency sector. It was the first platform for cloud mining to function lawfully. The business, which is based in Armenia’s Free Economic Zone, signed a contract with one of the country’s top electrical suppliers. The DeFi platform, which has over 100,000 users globally, supports popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, litecoin, tether, and bitcoin cash. However, only Bitcoin is supported by mining operations.

4- Bitdeer (Rating: 9.2)

The services available on this flexible Bitcoin platform are numerous. The platform offers cloud mining as well as acting as a marketplace for multiple brands of hash rate. Investors can trade hash rates with one another on this market. The project focuses on forming alliances with the greatest mining equipment suppliers and the biggest mining pools in the world.

Mining is handled by strong ASIC and GPU miners. Users must deposit a minimum of $542 to start mining, which buys 50TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining. Additionally, they provide cloud contracts in more than 200 nations; all contract lengths are 180 days. Five fully compliant data centers for the project have been successfully launched all over the world.

5- StormGain (Rating: 9.2)

This platform offers a straightforward interface that is easy to use. StormGainexecutes all the tasks of typical BTC mining hardware, so your phone or computer’s battery is not depleted. Directly from the platform’s UI, users may keep an eye on assets that are rising or declining. StormGain also provides robust graphing capabilities to monitor price patterns. The site, which was established in 2019, is multilingual and features an easy sign-up procedure. Its sophisticated anti-fraud engine is among its best characteristics. Additionally, every 30 to 40 minutes, mining rewards are dispersed equally.

6- Nicehash (Rating: 9.1)

The Nicehash platform offers a marketplace in addition to hosting services for the mining. In this case, miners are more free to personalize their mining terms. Users can, for instance, specify the precise quantity of hash they wish to buy, the time frame, and the price they are ready to pay. Additionally, customers can attach their GPU to their miners to sell hash rates to other users on the network.

The main source of revenue on Nicehash is Bitcoin. Whatever coin is being mined, everything will eventually be turned to Bitcoin. Nicehash does not possess any mining equipment, in contrast to other reliable cloud mining platforms. Users rent out the processing power of their own computers by connecting their PCs or mining rigs to other users in the hash-power marketplace.

7- Hashing24 (Rating: 9.0)

Hashing24, established in 2015, is the best choice for people who wish to focus solely on Bitcoin. The platform has a strong ten years of experience in the Bitcoin cloud mining sector, and users have mined and withdrawn over 1000 coins throughout that time. The 12-month plan with a minimum deposit of $72.30 grants miners 1 TH/s. The platform is similar to Ecos in that it currently only enables Bitcoin mining.

For its mining data centers, Hashing24 uses Bitfury, a leader in the sector. The top blockchain technology firm in the world, Bitfury Group, is dedicated to providing the greatest mining infrastructure available. It has set up multiple data centers in six nations, of which four are now engaged in mining. In order to allow visitors to simulate how much money they would make with each particular hash input, Hashing24 offers a free demo right on the website.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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