Unbelievable: Bitgert Coin Attracts Major Crypto Whales - Learn Their Game-Changing Strategy!

Unbelievable: Bitgert Coin Attracts Major Crypto Whales - Learn Their Game-Changing Strategy!

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Bitgert (BRISE), a rising star in the crypto world, has seen a surge in value, attracting prominent crypto whales. This has boosted its market capitalization to $100 million. The positive momentum indicates that the major crypto whales are becoming increasingly optimistic about BRISE's transformative influence and its potential for sustained growth in the long run.

Deeper Dive into Bitgert's Whale-Attracting Factors

Bitgert's BRC-20 Blockchain by its design might, therefore, allure rookie cryptos. The absence of gas fees and the high speed of transaction solutions lead to a great demand for the ecosystem among traders and investors.

Scalability: A Game-Changer

To demonstrate Bitgert shooting in the stratosphere with the other blockchains, it is only befitting to put in comparison of Bitgert's TPS of 100,000 per second against the 15-30 per second of Ethereum, 2,000-3,000 of Solana, and finally, 65,000 TPS of Polygon. This shows the potential for frictionless micropayments, enabling use cases across gaming, IoT, and high-frequency trading that are not as viable on other chains.

The Adoption Factor

Adoption of the Zero gas fees policy can be one of the driving forces that will set the Bitgert ecosystem apart by attracting users and developers. Developers can rush to work on BRC20 to create Dapps and DeFi apps while others who feel excluded from other blockchains due to the high costs of the entry might see Bitgert as an entry point to a low-cost and user-friendly environment. It's worth monitoring if established projects from other chains consider migrating to Bitgert's infrastructure.

Relief from Gas Wars

The well-known "gas wars" on blockchains like Ethereum, where users have to pay a lot to complete their transactions when the network is busy, can be annoying and costly. Bitgert offers a clear alternative, giving users cost-predictability and ease of access, especially for bits and bytes transactions.

Crypto Whales Buy The Bitgert Dip

Just as major organizations like BlackRock and MicroStrategy have invested in Bitcoin, large investors known as "crypto whales'' are scouting for promising growth prospects outside of prominent market leaders. Bitgert has garnered attention recently because of its compelling offerings and ambitious goals.

Following the updates from reputable sources of the cryptocurrency space, we can see, there has been a surge in Bitgert transactions suggesting significant whale activity. Some sources point to whales potentially acquiring millions of BRISE tokens within short timeframes. 

This achievement is unprecedented, especially compared to predecessors like Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB).

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