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Messi’s Highly Anticipated RWA Presale Begins

Messi’s Highly Anticipated RWA Presale Begins

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Have you ever thought of making a meaningful contribution to the cause of planetary sustainability but are unsure where to start? Do you believe web3 to be a space that is niche and too unique to be in? The "Join the Planet" movement and its RWA are here to remove those doubts. 

The eagerly awaited “Join the Planet” RWA is now available for pre-sale, allowing individuals, regardless of their preference for web2 or web3, to support sustainability causes. This opportunity allows you  to stand in solidarity with these while securing one of the most prized real-world assets of our time: Lionel Messi's iconic left boot, crafted from 96%  recycled materials from the Parana River, aiming to leave a legacy for future generations to come. 

So, what makes “Join the Planet” one of the most innovative and versatile movements? Well, it merges the powers of recycling, blockchain and global celebrity fandom with the objective of mobilizing the support and funds necessary to strengthen the fight for global sustainability.

What is “Join the Planet”?

Backed extensively by PlanetReFi, the "Join the Planet" movement creates valuable products with iconic public figures, developed under conscious and transparent value chains. Its RWAs stand out from the rest in ways they inspire fusion art, technology, and sustainability. 

These Real-World Assets source their raw materials by running efficient cleanup and restoration projects in nature. The recovered material then goes through the most efficient and imaginative upcycling to end up as high-end products creating a 360 ecosystem. 

Proceeds of the sales go back to specific NGOs that work towards protecting and regenerating nature. The first "Join the Planet" RWA, inspired & backed by Messi, will be available in the world to access and get a hold of on March 15th. 

The Leo Messi-Backed "Join the Planet" RWA

Inspired by the iconic left boot of Lionel Messi, the Planet RWA is hailed as a unique piece of art that is simultaneously a global symbol of sustainability and a signifier of world-class athletic excellence. The RWA comes with a digital certificate of blockchain-guaranteed authenticity. 

However, the most crucial component of the boot is its composition, which has been crafted from recycled plastic from the Parana River, which flows through Rosario, Argentina, the birthplace of Lionel Messi. 

The discarded materials—plastics, abandoned fishing nets, ropes—and everything in the river has been collected and repurposed into the product. In the process, the boot has transcended its aesthetic value to become emblematic of change aimed at being more conscious of our environment.

The boot is for everyone, from sustainability enthusiasts to sports fans to admirers of global quality fashion. Moreover, Join the Planet has built an app to register for the boot. Each boot comes with a unique QR code. Scanning the code with Join the Planet’s exclusive application helps obtain the digital certificate of ownership and unlocks exclusive rewards

It is the first time a sustainability campaign has grown into something versatile and of immense value for various people. So, don’t miss out. Join the open-for-all “Join the Planet” RWA sale on PLANET’s website.

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