MakerDAO To Launch First Phase Of Endgame In Summer 2024

MakerDAO To Launch First Phase Of Endgame In Summer 2024

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MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen has announced on the project’s official governance forum that the first phase of Endgame will launch in the Summer of 2024. 

The launch will be accompanied by the announcement of two new tokens, tentatively called NewStable and NewGovToken. 

Endgame Launch Details Announced 

According to a post by MakerDAO founder Rune Christensen on the protocol’s official governance forum, MakerDAO will launch the first phase of Endgame in the summer of 2024. Christensen has described Endgame as an attempt to overhaul one of DeFi’s most crucial and widely used protocols into a platform that can balance crypto ideals with business pragmatism. Endgame will transform MakerDAO, improve growth, resilience, and accessibility, and scale the supply of the DAI stablecoin to 100 billion and beyond. 

Endgame introduces sustainable yield farming of SubDAO tokens. SubDAOs are highly efficient DAOs that draw on MakerDAO's power and infrastructure while maintaining their flexibility and autonomy. DAI token holders can select a particular SubDAO and begin farming the SubDAO tokens. 

Phase 1

The Endgame launch season will occur in back-to-back stages, with Phase 1 seeing the launch of all major features of Endgame in rapid succession. These features are crucial in driving the underlying growth engine. The first release of Phase 1 is the revelation of the new brand. The new brand will be accompanied by a promo website and will communicate the core pillars and values of the project to users. This phase will last for a month, during which early adopters can sign up and be eligible for a launch bonus that increases yield when new tokens become available. 

New Tokens 

A month after the brand reveal, MakerDAO will launch two new tokens tentatively titled NewStable and NewGovToken. While the DAI and MKR tokens will remain, users will be given the option to upgrade to the new tokens. The new tokens are expected to involve staking and yield farming features in the new ecosystem. 

“The ecosystem will explore ways to eventually differentiate Dai and NewStable, with Dai focusing on crypto-native use cases and NewStable focusing on mass adoption.”

Other Features 

Several other features will follow the launch of the new tokens. These include the Lockstake engine, where users can lock their MKR or NewGovToken for an extended period of time for greater risk/reward exposure, and a new low-cost bridge connecting the Maker ecosystem tokens from Ethereum to a still-to-be-announced layer-2 network. 

Christensen also highlighted the importance of Spark, Maker’s first SubDAO that is also expected to have its own SubDAO. Endgame will be completed in three more phases following the initial launch stage.

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