Here’s Why Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki (FLOKI) Could Grow 100x Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

Here’s Why Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki (FLOKI) Could Grow 100x Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

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As the crypto market edges closer to the Bitcoin halving, now less than 50 days away, we're witnessing the most substantial rally the sector has seen in years. Experts predict that Bitcoin can even hit $100,000 after the halving event takes place in April. This enthusiasm isn't just contained to Bitcoin; the entire market, particularly meme coins, is forecasted to ride this wave of optimism.

Andrew Kang, a renowned crypto trader and co-founder of Mechanism Capital, has even suggested that meme coins could dominate the 2024 bull cycle. If Kang's projections hold true, we could see these tokens skyrocket, with gains varying dramatically from 5x to a staggering 100x.

In the meme coin realm itself, the general sentiment leans towards a bullish upswing, but a brief correction phase has seen crypto whales cashing in on their profits. Amidst this, Floki (FLOKI) stands out as a beacon of resilience, bucking the trend by appreciating over 20% in the last day, in stark contrast to its counterparts, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which have struggled to maintain their foothold. As the total market capitalization of meme coins recovered, another bull run might be just around the corner in this volatile sector.

But it's not just the familiar names making waves; ScapesMania (MANIA) has recently stepped onto the scene. Post-TGE, MANIA made a striking entry into PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange renowned for its vast user base and liquidity. The debut trading day for MANIA was a display of strength, showcasing robust tokenomics and holding out the promise of a solid future for this new contender.

Ride The Wave of Innovation with ScapesMania

The introduction of a new crypto project is usually met with very cautious optimism. But when its numerous past sales and token generation event (TGE) are a huge success, it all seems like the first step on a path full of growth potential. ScapesMania, the groundbreaking casual gaming project, has a lot to show for its unstoppable hype. 

$MANIA has stepped into PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain network known for its extensive user base and liquidity. The debut trading day proved to be impressive. The token price demonstrated resilience, indicating robust tokenomics and promising prospects for the project. Unlike short-term ICOs, ScapesMania has proven itself to be a serious venture within a thriving market.

Just let the numbers speak for themselves: 

  • Holder count: 18.41K 

  • 24-hour trading volume: $2.25M

  • Over 2,535 buys and 1,651 sells

ScapesMania also topped DEXTools' Hot Pairs list right away after its debut. 

This project started out with a presale event that garnered an incredible $6.125 million. The fact that it attracted over 60,000 followers across different social media networks and a vast number of holders is even more remarkable. This strong support and funding demonstrate how appealing and promising the project is to a wide audience. A real breakthrough might be just around the corner, so it would be a waste not to grab $MANIA tokens before they skyrocket.

The launch of liquidity pairings including MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT marked the beginning of active trading. The demand from the community led to USDT becoming the main source of liquidity. 

Why get involved with ScapesMania now that it's listed? First, $MANIA tokenomics are balanced, with a cliff and vesting system helping maintain stability. Second, ScapesMania incentivizes community members through its staking program, rewarding commitment with extra tokens. Third, through DAO governance, community members can vote on ecosystem development decisions. Finally, ScapesMania continuously expands token utility, offering more benefits to $MANIA holders.

With a strong plan for promoting the project after listing, its success might keep up the record-breaking pace after its debut. The team's dedication to long-term development and prominence in the cryptocurrency industry is shown by their impressive marketing efforts — 75K+ average monthly traffic is no joke.

Additional upsides that may be the biggest deciding factors when it comes to growth are:

  • The project's smart contract has been approved by BlockSafu. Holders may rest certain that the project's infrastructure is reliable and up to par thanks to this endorsement.

  • Enthusiastic support from numerous notable crypto influencers. It lends legitimacy and affirms ScapesMania’s status as one of the promising new projects.

  • Experienced team.  Innovating and executing a project successfully requires a team of seasoned specialists. This project is in a strong position to overcome any obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.

  • Bright future. The project has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go. There are tentative plans to list on a centralized exchange (CEX), which will provide access to more markets and more liquidity.

Everything about ScapesMania was carefully designed to facilitate major growth potential. From successful, well-publicized sales to its advantageous alliances, seasoned staff, and strategic positioning in the casual gaming niche – it looks poised for big things.

Choosing ScapesMania right now, post-TGE, offers early access, exclusive benefits, diversification, lower competition within a dynamic niche, and, more importantly, a potentially perfectly-timed entry point for maximum growth. The coin's stable post-listing price and strong initial support, coupled with an influx of newcomers, indicate long-term confidence, so it might be the time to make your decision.

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Dogecoin (DOGE): Rally Amidst Bitcoin's Boom

Dogecoin (DOGE), the renowned meme coin, is currently in a phase of consolidation. Recently, DOGE saw its trading volume exceed $2.5 billion. In South Korea, the meme coin's trading activity even surpassed that of the stock market. Indicative of a growing risk appetite among Korean retail investors, this uptick could potentially ripple through to the US market as Bitcoin breached record highs above $72,000.

Now, there's a palpable sense of optimism surrounding Dogecoin (DOGE), with its price having doubled over the last fortnight in the wake of Bitcoin's significant gains. While DOGE's performance is commendable, with a 3x increase from its 2022 lows around $0.05, it still trails significantly behind its 2021 peak of over $0.74. As the current crypto bull market evolves, many are eyeing the possibility of Dogecoin (DOGE) scaling new heights, potentially even reaching the $1 mark within 2024.

Dogecoin (DOGE) technical Analysis

Technically, DOGE is trading between its first support at $0.1299 and first resistance at $0.2082.

Source: TradingView

The 10-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $0.1729 slightly exceeds the current price, while the 50-day and 200-day EMAs at $0.1608 and $0.1223 respectively, suggest a broader upward trend.

The MACD level, although minimal at 0.0034, hints at a potential bullish crossover.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 55.84, indicating neither overbought nor oversold conditions, while the Stochastic %K points to a slightly bullish sentiment at 60.98.

The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) at 56.13, aligns with the RSI, suggesting a balanced market state.

However, the Average Directional Index (ADX), at a low 14.51, shows a lack of strong trend.

Whereas, the negative Momentum at -0.0047 could imply a need for cautious optimism.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Forecast

In a bullish scenario, should the enthusiasm from the South Korean market translate to the US and other global markets, coupled with Bitcoin's ongoing rally, Dogecoin (DOGE) might swiftly move towards $0.2082. A breakthrough above this resistance could see it aiming for the next targets at $0.2466 and potentially $0.3249.

However, in a bearish outlook, if DOGE fails to maintain its current support level and succumbs to selling pressure, it could retract towards $0.09 or even $0.0117 in more severe market downturns.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): Whale Influence and ETF Hopes

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is currently navigating an intriguing phase in its market journey, marked by a backdrop of decreasing whale activity. As per IntoTheBlock, there was a 14% drop in large SHIB transaction values. On one hand, it suggests that major players might be consolidating or shifting their investments, while on the other, it could signal a move towards price stabilization post a significant rally, as whales take profits.

With Shiba Inu (SHIB) still 64% below its all-time high, the speculated journey to $0.0001 remains challenging but not unfeasible, especially considering the meme coin’s 21% rise over the past week and 255% spike over the past month.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Technical Analysis

Right now, SHIB is trading between its first support at $0.00002001 and first resistance at $0.00004576.

Source: TradingView

The EMAs for 10, 50 and 200 days are $0.00003367, $0.00003092 and $0.00001964, respectively, indicating a potential bullish crossover in the short term, but a need for sustained momentum to confirm a longer-term uptrend.

The RSI at 49.26 is neutral, suggesting an equilibrium between buying and selling pressures. However, with the Stochastic %K at 59.07, there's a slight tilt towards buying interest.

The CCI at -73.82 could suggest that Shiba Inu (SHIB) is undervalued at the moment, while the low ADX at 13.61 hints at a lack of strong trend.

The MACD at 0.0000003 and negative Momentum at -0.00000187 further complicate the picture, indicating a cautious market sentiment.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Forecast

For bullish scenarios, a breakthrough above $0.00004576 could set SHIB on a trajectory towards its second and third resistances at $0.00005863 and $0.00008438, respectively. The community’s anticipation of a potential spot ETF from Grayscale, which could significantly boost Shiba Inu's (SHIB) value, further fuel this optimism.

On the flip side, bearish outlooks must consider the possibility of a retreat towards $0.00000713 if the support at $0.00002001 fails. Such a movement could be a result of the decreased transactional activity and declining trading volume, indicating a potential cooling-off period.

Floki (FLOKI): Staking Success and TVL Milestone

In recent developments within the meme coin market, Floki (FLOKI) stood out by not only maintaining its value during a broader market correction but also achieving a new milestone in terms of total value locked (TVL). FLOKI's TVL hit $756 million, a figure that eclipses the combined TVL of its closest competitors, bolstered by the success of Floki Staking and FlokiFi Locker.

Adding to its allure, Floki (FLOKI) burned $3.2 million worth of tokens. This action, driven by robust demand in Floki's utility products, supported the meme coin's deflationary trajectory, with over 14 billion FLOKI burned in just a week. Furthermore, Floki (FLOKI) garnered significant institutional interest as evidenced by a substantial $15 million investment from DWF Labs.

Floki (FLOKI) Technical Analysis

Technically, FLOKI is trading between the key support at $0.00014433 and immediate resistance at $0.00034842.

Source: TradingView

The token's EMAs reflect a positive trend, with the 10-day EMA at $0.00026124, the 50-day EMA at $0.00019212 and the 200-day EMA at $0.00010174 suggesting a bullish trend over the short, medium, and long term.

The MACD at 0.00002795 and Momentum at 0.00002949 further reinforce the current upward trajectory.

The ADX stands at 49.98, nearing the threshold of a strong trend, while the CCI at 94.38 also supports the momentum narrative.

The RSI at 63.85 and the Stochastic %K at 72.05 indicate that Floki (FLOKI) is currently experiencing momentum, albeit approaching overbought territory.

Floki (FLOKI) Price Forecast

In the bullish scenario, if FLOKI continues its upward momentum, breaking past $0.00034842, we could see it testing higher resistance levels, potentially aiming for $0.0004239, or even $0.00062799. Such a move would be backed by continued institutional interest, deflationary actions, and its strong TVL figures.

On the flip side, a bearish scenario might unfold if Floki (FLOKI) breaks below $0.00014433. This could see the token test lower support at $0.00001571, especially if the broader market faces a downturn or if investor sentiment shifts.


In the meme coin arena, Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki (FLOKI) each tell a distinct story of market resilience and volatility. DOGE is seeing a consolidation phase with impressive trading volumes and growing investor interest, partly due to Bitcoin's surge. SHIB navigates a complex market influenced by whale activities and hopes of ETF inclusions, maintaining a delicate balance between bullish and bearish forces. Finally, FLOKI shows resilience and potential growth trajectory in the wake of token burns, a skyrocketing TVL milestone, and robust institutional backing. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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