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French Montana Drops New Song On Bitcoin Ordinals

French Montana Drops New Song On Bitcoin Ordinals

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Rapper French Montana has made history with his latest drop - a previously unreleased song that has been inscribed on Bitcoin via the Ordinals protocol.

First Song Inscribed On Bitcoin 

The highest-streaming African-born artist has again ventured into unknown territories with his latest music release. Montana is now the first mainstream musician to inscribe an entire song on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Ordinals protocol. 

On March 14, the Mac & Cheese 5 account on announced the drop of “Bag Curious,” a previously unreleased track from the Mac & Cheese 5 album. 

The announcement read, 

“An unreleased track by French Montana titled ‘Bag Curious’ has been inscribed into Bitcoin, marking him as the first mainstream artist to inscribe a complete song into the most robust cloud system, which is fueled by Proof of Work. This development is unchangeable and cannot be censored, making it a historic moment.”

Third-Largest Block Size 

Furthermore, the song is also the third-largest Ordinal inscription, taking up an entire block, which indicates that the blockchain is capable of adapting beyond the world of finance. The inscription is numbered 64333690, has a size of 3.956 megabytes, and occupies the entire block #834,618.

French Montana himself announced the news on his X profile, writing, 

“Launched the freshest music ordinal out there! Snagged an entire block from Marathon Digital all with that Ordinalsbot sorcery. Our legacy on Bitcoin forever with #brc420 today for anyone to own history!”

Partnership with Ordinals

Ordinals is a protocol that allows data to be encoded into Bitcoin’s smallest units. By employing this protocol, Bitcoin transcends its traditional role and becomes a platform for various digital content, such as music, images, and text.

The partnership between Montana’s team and the Ordinals protocol has been transformative by introducing a new take on minting processes. 

The Mac & Cheese 5 account tweeted, 

“A massive shoutout to Leonidas of and the team at Their incredible platform transformed what could have been a mundane mint into something exciting.” 

New Approach For Artists

French Montana's song Bag Curious has secured a permanent spot on a resilient global database by being inscribed onto Bitcoin. This endeavor marks a pioneering initiative, offering artists a new opportunity to directly and permanently distribute their work to their audience.

Due to the decentralized and immutable nature of Ordinals inscriptions, artists can inscribe their work directly on Bitcoin, where it is accessible to all but can not be changed or removed. As a result, the artist has more control over their own work than centralized streaming services. 

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