Experts Put Ethereum (Eth) and Avalanche (Avax) On Their Watchlists, as Kangamoon (Kang) Rises By 125%, Raising The Bar High For Other Meme Coins

Experts Put Ethereum (Eth) and Avalanche (Avax) On Their Watchlists, as Kangamoon (Kang) Rises By 125%, Raising The Bar High For Other Meme Coins

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Following a series of positive market signals by notable top crypto coins in the market, experts have added Ethereum (ETH) and Avalanche (AVAX) to their investment watchlist. Meanwhile, the KangaMoon (KANG) presale is surging in momentum, given that the token has witnessed a massive investor inflow while on presale.

KangaMoon (KANG): The Best New Meme Coin on Course to Becoming the Next Blue-chip Crypto

With the massive momentum that KangaMoon (KANG) has displayed at just its presale, experts are projecting the token to rise to the level of top crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, and more. For context, the KANG team has raised over $1M while setting eyes on $2M before the month's end. Early investors have gotten 125% ROI.

As a result of this momentous growth, the reputation of KangaMoon is growing at an exponential pace with the team planning on listing the token in Tier 1 exchange in Q2. Given the trajectory of KANG, it'll be wise to invest in the project now at presale. With the token sold for just $0.01125, KANG represents a promising token with massive growth potential.

Meanwhile, members can still earn the KANG token even while it's still in presale by simply engaging in community activities like promoting the project on social media. There's also a provision for earning the KANG token while participating in community activities on the Kangaverse. At the current trajectory, KANG will likely see an 800% price growth soon.

Similarly, KangaMoon as a platform is a thriving community where meme enthusiasts meet through the project's SocialFi structure. KangaMoon represents a play-to-earn platform where members can earn rewards like NFTs, giveaways, DeFi collectibles, and more. Overall, KangaMoon is a synergy of a fun meme community and a top crypto project that could make investors millionaires in the future.

Momentum for Ethereum (ETH) as Token Reaches $4,000, Sets Sight on All-time Price Gain

Following a consistent show of bullish momentum by Ethereum (ETH), the token has reached the $4,000 price point for the first time since December 2021 with experts putting the token on their watchlist.  As shown in the market stats, Ethereum's price gained over 59% within the past month. Notably, Ethereum has generated over 170% in a year-to-date price metric, ensuring that the token enters the $4,000 price mark.

Similarly, Ethereum's market cap has reached a $475B valuation. At the current trajectory, Ethereum is likely to achieve double feat in March by reaching the $500B market cap and alsobreaking the all-time high price record of $4,891.

Avalanche (AVAX) Clocks All-year Price Peak, Gears for More Rally

Avalanche (AVAX) is riding on an extended bullish sentiment that kick-started in Q4 of 2023. As seen on the stats from CoinMarketCap, Avalanche has gained over 261% in the year-to-date price metrics. This price gain has propelled the token's value above the $50 threshold. In the short term, the Avalanche token hasn't lost its momentum, having gained about 32% within the last month.

The Avalanche trading volume is on a positive trajectory, underscoring the token's growing momentum. By the end of March, the Avalanche price is likely to establish support above the $60 price mark, going by the current trajectory. This has led to experts adding the token to their watch list.

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