Crypto Market is Green with Meme Coin Sector Up Above 20%: Top Gainers DOGE, BEFE, & PEPE

Crypto Market is Green with Meme Coin Sector Up Above 20%: Top Gainers DOGE, BEFE, & PEPE

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Crypto charts look captivating, with bullish force just beginning to raise the market from its deep slumber. BTC's price looks to cross its all-time high in a few days or even within hours, which is the magic of the crypto market. While onlookers from the outside feel that crypto prices are going up instantly for no reason, the ecosystem's users know the efforts involved in pushing BTC and altcoins to massive price actions.

The ingenious Web3 applications and whole-hearted market acceptance by institutional players have manifested into the growing market-wide token valuations. And that is bleeding into a popular cryptocurrency category – meme coins. The meme coin sector is already 20% higher in terms of collective market cap compared to a short while ago.

With that, top meme coins like DOGE and PEPE, alongside newer entrants, are positioning themselves as the top gainers in the segment.


DOGE is the meme coin market leader, holding the category by a stranglehold through its market cap, far exceeding its counterparts. Investors can reliably turn to the DOGE thanks to its extended stay in the crypto market and its impassioned community devoted to the token and its ecosystem. Some of them trade DOGE regularly, while others hold it long-term, giving the token a strong foundation.

Users wanting to gain largely can do so with DOGE without worrying about their investments disappearing overnight. The token's established presence makes it less volatile than other meme coins. Moreover, its passionate user base will only ensure that DOGE pumps to great heights sustainably.


While DOGE's reliability comes from its established presence, investors can place their bets on new tokens revolving around solid teams, deployed utility, and robust communities. BEFE is one such asset that investors are turning to in droves. Its price has already risen to $0.0004 from its launch not too long ago.

The token amalgamates meme-driven hype with vigorous utility that no meme coin and altcoin lover can ignore. Its memeability stems from its central character, who is adorable and unique. The uniqueness is derived from the project's decision to stray from the repeatedly used dog-related theme introduced by DOGE. And that is leading users to meme it to virality.

The utility offered the token offers is relayed through its staking application on the Bitgert Chain, enabling users to tap into consistent passive income. And all that is driving up its prices exponentially. The token is expected to offer 20x returns through price appreciations within the next month, placing it as a favorite pick for meme coin enthusiasts ahead of established leaders.


Another meme coin leader, PEPE, grew to become a top five asset of this segment by market cap. Its most impressive aspect is achieving that feat in the roughest patch of the 2023 bear market. The token tapped into the true essence of memes and inspired users to create the kind of hype only associated with the meme coin market.

Becoming a popular choice for meme coin enthusiasts, PEPE has not fallen off like others that just relied on hype. It still holds strong, effecting holders to keep holding and traders to exchange it frequently. Many made massive profits off this token during the previous bear market and will make even more during this bull market, possibly pushing the token up to the top three meme coins.

While that may still be hard to accomplish with counterparts experiencing tremendous pumping, like DOGE, which can maintain its position at the top, investors still stand to make the large bucks with PEPE.


DOGE, BEFE, and PEPE are coming out of the initial parts of this bull run as top gainers. While investing in well-known assets like DOGE and PEPE is the more utilized approach to making gains from the category, newer ones can surprise enthusiasts.

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