7/ Insider Leak: Bitgert Coin Price About to Skyrocket - Don't Miss Out on This Life-Changing Opportunity!

7/ Insider Leak: Bitgert Coin Price About to Skyrocket - Don't Miss Out on This Life-Changing Opportunity!

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Caution: Bitgert Bull Incoming!

Yes, BRISE is rising into the bull market with promising returns, and if you haven’t participated yet, you might want to do that soon.


Well, here are the reasons for BRISE’s upcoming run into the bull market.

Hold your bulls!

Factors Affecting The Rise Of Bitgert

Let’s dive straight into the major factors responsible for Bitgert’s current and upcoming scenario.

Bitgert Coin Burning

You see, Bitgert has an automatic coin-burning contract, where a 5% tax will be imposed on every transaction, out of which a part will be used to buy BRISE tokens and burned immediately.

Due to its smart contract, the token’s demand has increased tenfold, leading to an increase in BRISE’s market value.

On top of that, Bitgert recently burned around 134 Billion tokens, resulting in an immediate 0.06% increase in market value. 

Additionally, BRISE also introduced a permanent lock of 12% tokens upon each transaction.

Due to its smart contract Bitgert was able to survive during the bearish period.

Launch Of Q-BRISE

Bitgert launched its EV car, Q-BRISE, on 7 December, 2023, in Dubai, which placed the token at the center of the crypto market.

The main feature of Q-BRISE is that it allows users to rent, share, and trade their EV cars using BRISe tokens!

Since EV cars are on the rise, combining them with cryptocurrency was a smart move by Bitgert, which will surely see some major profits in the upcoming quarter.

Introducing BEFE

The best thing about Bitgert is that it has solutions for all kinds of digital asset owners, which allows it to maintain a profitable profile throughout. 

One of the examples would be introducing BEFE in November 2023, which was an immediate hit.

Currently, BEFE is experiencing steady growth, which also affects BRISE’s market value in a positive way.

Zero Gas Fees

While other cryptocurrency tokens are charging high gas fees, BRISE maintains a zero-gas fees policy.

Yes, Bitgert charges as low as $0.001 per transaction, making it affordable for all users. Due to this, users trust BRISE more than others, which leads to its popularity.

High-Speed Transactions

Another major factor for Bitgert's current growth is its high-speed transactions. 

The token provides a speed of 100,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest in the world.

Final Thoughts

Fast transactions combined with zero-gas fees and tons of other additional features make Bitgert one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency tokens.

Besides, the current BRISE price is at $0.0000002339, indicating a slight dip in the past 24 hours, and has enough support to push back into the market with a good percentage. 

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