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Uniswap Plans To Launch Web Extension For Native Wallet

Uniswap Plans To Launch Web Extension For Native Wallet

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Decentralized exchange Uniswap is planning to launch a web extension for its native wallet, allowing users to send, receive, buy, and swap tokens and altcoins directly from their web browser. 

Web Extension For Native Wallet 

Uniswap made the announcement on the 27th of February in a post on X, adding that a waitlist is available for users who have claimed a uni.eth username. Like other self-custody wallets such as MetaMask, the new Uniswap wallet extension will allow users to send, receive, buy, and swap tokens directly from their web browsers. 

“Introducing the Uniswap Extension: The first wallet to live in your browser’s sidebar. No more pop-ups. No more transaction windows. Waitlist opens today. We will be sharing access to the Uniswap Extension Beta in the order of username claims.”

The eth.uni domain is based on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), enabling users to convert their 0x addresses into usernames. As of the 25th of February, over 100,000 uni.eth subdomains have been claimed. 

New Proposal 

Over the past month, the UNI token has seen a surge in value thanks to a proposal by the Uniswap Foundation to upgrade the protocol’s governance system. The proposal, submitted by Uniswap Foundation governance lead Erin Koen, states that the upgrade would reward UNI token holders who have staked and delegated their tokens. 

In a follow-up post, Koen stated that the proposal would maintain the immutability of the Uniswap decentralized exchange, optimize security, and preserve its ability to experiment in the future. 

“An additional benefit we get from immutability is removing the risk of bugs being introduced and user funds being hacked in the future. When you look at major protocols that have been hacked in the past, many have occurred due to bugs that have been introduced during protocol upgrades. While there are certainly tradeoffs to this approach, by removing setOwner, we are optimizing for the future security of stakers.”

Discussions regarding the proposal are currently ongoing. 

Uniswap v4 Launch Date 

Last week, the Uniswap Foundation announced the tentative date for Uniswap v4, stating that the highly anticipated upgrade will launch sometime in Q3 2024. 

“Now that the launch of Dencun on Mainnet has been scheduled for March 2024, we’re excited to provide an update to the community! Uniswap v4’s launch is tentatively set for Q3 2024. From community-built Hooks to events to Twitter Spaces, the momentum for v4 has been growing!”

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