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Tokenizing Luxury: St. Regis Aspen Joins Forces with Tezos Blockchain

Tokenizing Luxury: St. Regis Aspen Joins Forces with Tezos Blockchain

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Hotel marketplace RSRV is teaming up with the Tezos blockchain to tokenize its first asset - the St. Regis Aspen Resort. 

Tokenizing Equity with Tezos Blockchain

In a strategic move announced on February 26, hotel marketplace RSRV revealed its collaboration with the Tezos blockchain to tokenize a segment of its equity, approximately 5%, in the prestigious St. Regis Aspen Resort. RSRV's preference for the Tezos network stems from its recognized strengths in security, scalability, and energy efficiency.

The news was announced in a press release that claimed, 

“Shares will utilize Tezos blockchain technology to provide unique informational transparency into the capital structure of the issuer.” 

Co-founded by Aspen-based entrepreneur Stephane De Baets, RSRV has garnered support from tZero Group and Science Ventures. This partnership allows investors to convert RSRV shares into hotel accommodations at a fixed exchange rate, safeguarding against future room rate fluctuations.

Benefits for Token Holders

Backed by tZero Group, Elevated Returns, and Science Ventures, the tokenization project will offer dual benefits to token holders. Primarily, they gain an equity stake in the esteemed hotel, alongside the opportunity to exchange tokens for stays at the resort. This exchange will be pegged at fixed rates, ensuring token holders benefit from discounts against prospective room rate hikes.

Da Baets underscored the significance of this redemption utility feature, saying,

“Adding this redemption utility feature to an equity position is something that we see big demand for. Besides locking room rates at perpetuity, you are also being recognized as an owner and can access various perks and benefits.”

Disruption in the Real Estate Market

Elevated Returns disrupted conventional real estate paradigms in 2018 by providing investors with indirect ownership of the St. Regis Aspen Resort. This initiative extended unprecedented access to prime real estate assets, fostering enhanced liquidity and portfolio diversification. Since its debut on tZERO Securities ATS, the tokens representing ownership in the St. Regis Aspen Resort have surged over 200%, held by a diverse investor base.

The token sale, scheduled for March, will precede the availability of tokens for trading on the secondary market of the tZero platform.

What Are Experts Saying? 

Insights from Eastdil Secured Managing Director Jeffrey Davis allude to the potential utilization of the RSRV platform as an alternative financing avenue for real estate assets.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, who has previously advocated for blockchain's potential in asset tokenization, believes it will enhance efficiency in capital markets, reduce value chains, and improve investor accessibility and cost margins. 

Casper Association board member Ralf Kubli said, 

“2023 saw several debt tokenization initiatives, including Goldman Sachs Digital Asset Platform and HSBC’s introduction of the Orion platform.”

Goldman Sachs and HSBC have actively explored blockchain applications in various sectors, including digital asset offerings and trade finance, signaling a broader industry trend toward digitalization.

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