Technology Meets Finance: Vault's Innovative Approach to Payment and Crypto Services

Technology Meets Finance: Vault's Innovative Approach to Payment and Crypto Services

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A leader in white-label solutions for digital payments as a service, Vault provides the infrastructure and expertise that can enable fiat/crypto payment solutions in just days.

Setting up new payment solutions is a gargantuan task

Setting up payment infrastructure is a gargantuan task that is likely to take a huge amount of money, and possibly years to acquire all the licences and regulatory approvals that go with any such financial venture, especially given the obstacles for entities that want to offer crypto services.

There are the endless meetings with government agencies and compliance authorities, that require a bevy of costly financial experts and lawyers. And what if the regulatory approval does not arrive at the end of it all?

That’s just the compliance side of things. What about the setting up of a crypto exchange and on and off ramps for fiat currency? Digital wallets, international fiat currency payments, IBAN and SWIFT, all would need to be set up and integrated.

Vault gets you up and running in days

However, there is extremely good news for any company wishing to offer financial solutions that include crypto services. Vault is a market leader that offers Digital Payments as a Service. What’s more, Vault provides a white label, full-cycle, crypto payment product that gets your company off the ground in a matter of days rather than what could potentially be years.

Vault’s full-cycle crypto/payment solution

Vault takes care of all the complexities and costly procedures associated with setting up payment solutions, and bridges the gap between the worlds of traditional banking and crypto.

On and off ramps

Whether there is a need for on-ramping fiat currencies and turning them into cryptocurrencies, or whether clients want to liquidate their crypto into fiat, Vault provides services for the buying and selling of more than 30 traditional, as well as crypto currencies. 

Multicurrency IBAN and SWIFT

IBAN is an account for transacting in multiple currencies, including crypto, while SWIFT, the global payment network, allows users to transfer their funds to and from financial institutions across the globe.

Crypto exchange

2,000 cryptocurrency pairs based on the top 10 crypto exchanges.

Cost-effective transfers

30 cryptocurrencies can be sent anywhere in the world by just utilising a phone number, allowing recipients to receive them by way of a simple SMS link.

Digital wallets

Widely functional digital wallets that support 30 different crypto currencies can be used to fund a bank card with either traditional fiat currencies or crypto.

Crypto-powered cards

Enabled through Visa, plastic or virtual cards can be used for both on and off-line purchases by way of 30 different cryptocurrencies. Using the Visa network, cash can be withdrawn from ATMs in more than 200 countries worldwide.


Vault has partnered with some of the world’s leading AML/KYC compliance providers.

Customer support is key

Once a client is up and running it doesn’t end there. Vault supports the new business and its customers by backing the client’s crucial customer support resource, or by providing one itself.

Vault’s basic customer service package includes email support, extended technical assistance, FAQ and Policies and Regulations sections, and 24/7 availability to assist customers.

Why Vault?

Vault has been providing highly effective payment services to clients, and has onboarded more than 40 white label clients to date. Vault’s full range of white label solutions can strip away the complexities and costs for a business of setting up its own payment/crypto solutions. All this in a process that is likely to take days rather than several years.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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