PolyOne Announces Exclusive NFT Drop with Visionary Digital Artist Necrofear

PolyOne Announces Exclusive NFT Drop with Visionary Digital Artist Necrofear

PolyOne, the groundbreaking arts and entertainment NFT platform, has announced an exclusive NFT drop by pioneering 2D/3D artist Necrofear FX.  This collaboration marks a significant milestone that underscores PolyOne’s mission to harness blockchain technology and the creator economy for the greater good, bringing a unique blend of classical, gothic-dark aesthetics and modern digital artistry which highlights this unique point of inflection in our history of civilization. 

Necrofear, an Albanian native with a portfolio that spans across dynamic ranges and styles, is celebrated for his intricate textures, elaborate regal patterns, and compelling storytelling through digital art.  Deeply inspired by ancient history and mythological figures, his work offers a reflective exploration of the modern experience and the promise and peril of our times, making him a perfect match for PolyOne’s vision.

“PolyOne stands out amongst new NFT Platform’s,” states Necrofear.  “Their dedicated support of creators, and their mission to focus the economic potential of creators for the greater good changes the value proposition and narrative around NFTs.  Their vision captures the true potential of blockchain technology, and I’ve been proud to create this drop exclusively for PolyOne, inspired by my high hopes for the platform’s message in these important times.”

The drop features three one-of-a-kind pieces, including “The Last Wine,” “Eldorado,” and “Eclipsed Graces,” each telling a unique story that resonates with Necrofear’s commitment to blending historical depth with contemporary relevance.  “The Last Wine” offers a poignant commentary on societal zero-sum power dynamics through the exploration of gender dynamics, “Eldorado” envisions a Golden Age of Abundance and wisdom embodying humanities potential to elevate with visual echoes of Emma Lazarus’s poem “The New Colossus” embedded in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, and “Eclipsed Graces,” the central work in the drop, is a masterwork that celebrates the march of humanity through space and time.

Set for February 15th, each piece is priced at approximately $1,200 (0.525 Eth) reflecting the exclusivity and value of this limited edition.  Necrofear’s drop on PolyOne does not just signify the addition of unique artworks to the platform but also embodies the shared values of storytelling, our place in history and the community impact that PolyOne champions.

Shawn Emamjomeh, Founder of PolyOne, says, “Collaborating with Necrofear not only elevates our platform with his breathtaking digital art but also aligns perfectly with our goal to build a dynamic creator-focused, transparent, and impactful ecosystem.  As a platform for telling stories, and we believe all art tells a story, we’re excited and honored to present Necrofear’s work to our community and look forward to the positive change this thought-provoking and relevant drop will inspire.  It speaks directly to our zeitgeist.”

Link To “Eclipsed Grace” by Necrofear

Link to PolyOne’s announcement exhibition from the Ancient Citadel of Erbil, Iraq.

PolyOne Founder on the NFT Revolution:

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