Polygon (MATIC) holders moving profits as more capital is shifting from Polkadot (DOT) into DeeStream (DST) presale

Polygon (MATIC) holders moving profits as more capital is shifting from Polkadot (DOT) into DeeStream (DST) presale

Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT) aren’t expected to retouch their all-time highs in the Bitcoin halving of 2024 and the expected bull run it will trigger before the end of the year. While these big-cap coins are poised to make decent gains this year, industry observers believe they will be outperformed by low-cap investment opportunities with higher price ceilings. One of those rare opportunities is DeeStream (DST), and its DST token is selling like hotcakes as its presale marches on in February.

Is Polygon (MATIC) a Good Buy in 2024?

Polygon (MATIC) is one of the first leading Layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, making Ethereum blockchain transactions substantially faster and cheaper. Other Layer-2 scaling solutions have developed after Polygon's release in October 2017, but Polygon (MATIC) retains its status as one of the leading DeFi options. Polygon (MATIC) has been integrated into the ecosystems of several prominent dApps. Polygon (MATIC) plans to expand its scalability and interoperability solutions to more protocols and blockchains in the future. Despite its relatively poor price action compared to other altcoins in 2024, Polygon (MATIC) remains a solid choice to invest in due to Polygon's track record of success and its mission of solving real-world problems. However, Polygon (MATIC) is not expected to hit its all-time high of $3.92 set in 2021 for this upcoming cycle. 

Polkadot (DOT) Growth Remains Muted in 2024

Polkadot (DOT) went on a tailspin as most cryptocurrencies did in the crypto winter of 2022 as investors shunned riskier assets amid economic uncertainties. Polkadot (DOT) recovered after turning in a decent profit in 2023, rising from yearly lows of $3.65 to hitting $9.22 in late December 2023. Since then, Polkadot (DOT) has been on a bearish trend, after its related crypto-lending services like Acala failed, tanking investor confidence in the protocol after the debacle. Currently, Polkadot (DOT) trades at $7, and its growth pales in comparison to other altcoins in February.

DeeStream (DST) Emerging as Top Presale in February 2024

Decentralized live streaming platform DeeStream (DST) is looking like a potential blue chip, making it one of the most highly sought-after presales of the year.

DeeStream (DST) is a comprehensive video streaming service, allowing users to explore, upload, and share a diverse range of content. The platform is intended to be censorship-resistant, offering a safe haven for freedom of expression. DeeStream (DST) does not use secret algorithms for content promotion. Instead, all service-related data is made publicly available, ensuring a fair and transparent user experience. DeeStream (DST) enables content creators to take full control of their earning potential, while enabling them to leverage alternative income streams with the platform’s native DST token.

DeeStream’s (DST) native token is being tipped for major growth in 2024. And with launch prices at an astonishing price of just $0.035 in stage 1 of presale, prospective investors will benefit from progressive token price increases throughout its six-stage presale launch. That means prospective investors will be sitting on profits even before its launch ends. Join the decentralized video streaming revolution.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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