Blockhain Changing the Game in Crypto with AI Smarts in 2024 Changing the Game in Crypto with AI Smarts in 2024

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Coinscribble - February 14, 2024 / Hey, crypto folks! Let's dive into the world of It's a cool new spot in the crypto universe, mixing AI smarts with web3 tech. This isn't just another app; it's a big deal for anyone deep into crypto and looking for smart ways to handle their digital assets.

Ever feel like you're looking for a needle in a massive, digital haystack when you're diving into crypto? That's because the world of cryptocurrency is super busy and always changing. That's where steps in. It's a web3 platform that's really shaking things up for crypto fans. It uses AI in a way no one else has, blending it with web3. This mix makes investing way easier and smarter.

AI + Web3 = Crypto Magic

Mixing AI with Blockchain is huge. It's not just cool tech talk; it's changing the game. AI is amazing at sorting through data. Combine that with Blockchain's way of keeping things open and honest, and you've got something special. That's what is all about. It uses this mix to dig into loads of data and makes sense of it all.

Grading System Makes Things Simple

Here's something neat: grades crypto projects. They look at projects on 20 different blockchains in 49 categories. Each one gets a score from 1 to 10. A 10 means it's awesome, and a 1, not so much. This grading helps cut through the mess and gives you the lowdown, whether you're a crypto pro or just starting.

Smart Tips for Investors

Figuring out which projects are gold and which are duds can be tough, especially for newbies. makes it simpler. It has a friendly interface that boils down all the important stuff into tips you can actually use. It's helpful whether you've been in the game for ages or are just getting your feet wet.

This isn't just a token; it's like a VIP pass to the coolest crypto club and a way to power up the community.

🌟 $NextGem's 850M Token Treasure Chest:

  • Tech & Upgrade Loot (5%): 42.5M tokens for tech magic.

  • Hype & Growth (10%): 85M tokens for making noise and growing their family.

  • Rewards Galore (15%): 127.5M tokens for being active and awesome in the community.

  • Staking Rewards (10%): 85M tokens for staking heroes.

  • Team & Advisor Share (10%): Keeping their brainiacs motivated.

  • Seed & Private A Investors (15% + 7.2%): Cheers to their early backers!

  • Public Sale Fun (7.7%): Everyone's invited to grab a piece.

  • Liquidity Lifeline (10%): Ensuring smooth sailing on UniSwap.

  • Building Blocks (5% Platform, 5% Operational): For future tech and just-in-case needs. doesn't just pick any project. They do their homework. They collect data, research like crazy, and use top-notch AI to analyze everything. This means they only suggest projects that are really worth it. You can trust their picks.’s Dream Team: Behind the Scenes of Crypto Innovation

CryptoDaily fans, get ready to meet the masterminds at

  • Frederick Marinho, The Strategy Sage: Frederick's a software engineering rockstar with 10 years under his belt. A grad from France's Ecole 42, he founded Merkle Tech Capital and made GLQ no-code protocol a market sensation. He's deeply rooted in crypto and is steering NextGem through the web3 revolution.

  • Nick Kristov, Marketing Maestro: At the helm of NextGem's marketing, Nick's the guy turning strategies into gold. He's got a treasure trove of experience in consulting and marketing, crafting NextGem's brand and outreach with finesse.

  • Jorge L., The Code Wizard: Jorge's the lead software engineer who self-taught blockchain and built a foolproof polling system. He's managed big bucks with a trading bot and is now breaking ground in Large Language Models (LLMs). His knack for innovation is NextGem's tech backbone. in Action

NextGem's 2024:

Q1 2024: Setting the Stage

  • $NextGem tokens are hitting Ethereum.

  • A unique token burning mechanism for accessing premium stuff.

  • Launching 'The Next 100x Gem' MVP – it's an AI-driven game-changer.

  • We're going all-in on social media and collaborations.

  • Releasing a tailor-made AI LLM for the top-tier users.

  • The NextGem Token is launching – could be via FairLaunch or a cool Decentralized launchpad.

  • UniSwap's getting a hefty liquidity pool with a 3-year lock.

Q2 2024: Amping Things Up

  • Upgrading their crypto project data sources.

  • Making their datasets even sharper with your input.

  • AI's getting a major tech boost.

  • Building partnerships to skyrocket NextGem's profile.

  • Planning to list NextGem tokens on big-name exchanges.

  • Looking into DeFi collabs to grow $NextGem's use cases.

Q3 2024: Expanding Reach

  • Adding more analysis sources, like community reviews.

  • Revamping user interfaces based on what you tell us.

  • AI models are leveling up for better insights.

  • Staying ahead with the newest blockchain tech.

  • NextGem's going international with more languages.

  • Doubling down on security to keep your data safe.

Q4 2024: The Future is Bright

  • Personalized AI investment advice is on the horizon.

  • A continuous update loop for AI models.

  • Testing new features to make your experience better.

  • Introducing a DAO for community-driven ecosystem changes.

  • Implementing blockchain forensics for in-depth project analysis.

  • Employing machine learning for accurate project success forecasts. is up and running. Check out their website. You'll see how they're making a difference in crypto investing.

In short, is a game-changer. It's not just another crypto tool. It blends AI and web3 in a cool way, has a smart grading system, and is super user-friendly. For anyone into crypto in 2024, is a must-have.

Check out their latest analysis and insights on their website: The Next 100X Gem AI Website.

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Engage with fellow crypto enthusiasts on their Discord channel: The Next 100X Gem AI Discord.

Stay in the loop with their Telegram community: The Next 100X Gem AI Telegram.

Dive into their development journey on GitHub: The Next 100X Gem AI GitHub.

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