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Decentralized GPU Network Partners With Ritual To Enhance Global AI Compute Sector

Decentralized GPU Network Partners With Ritual To Enhance Global AI Compute Sector

In a statement this Monday,, a decentralized GPU network, announced a strategic partnership with the decentralized AI network, Ritual. The partnership aims to harness and amplify the existing synergies between the two companies in a bid to elevate the global AI-compute sector. is a decentralized GPU network that provides developers with access to low-cost GPU compute capacity. The platform’s cloud service, Cloud provides the infrastructure and architecture for deploying decentralized GPU clusters sourced across multiple locations. On the other hand, Ritual offers a decentralized AI network that simplifies the integration of AI models into protocols, applications, and smart contracts on any chain.  

Speaking on the partnership with Ritual, Ahmad Shadid, founder of, praised the capabilities of Ritual stating the two companies share a vision hence the ease in the two fims collaborating. 

“After we were introduced to Ritual, there was an instant connection and the potential synergies between our projects became apparent. Ritual’s tooling, particularly their Infernet SDK and node client, aligns with our vision for enhancing GPU utilization and opening up new markets. We’re excited to see how the partnership will attract more developers and enable groundbreaking use cases in AI compute,” he stated. will leverage Ritual’s Infernet SDK, Infernet node client, and Ritual Chain components, in a bid to elevate decentralized GPU utilization on its platform. This is expected to boost the adoption of its platform and enable new capabilities on the network. 

Ritual’s cofounder, Akilesh Potti, shared Shadid’s positive sentiments on the collaboration stating: 

“Joining forces with represents a significant milestone for Ritual. Their extensive infrastructure and global compute access capabilities, combined with our AI stack, create a powerful synergy. Together, we are poised to unlock new possibilities and efficiencies to benefit developers and users alike.”

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