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Ledger, Coinbase Pay Partnership To Simplify Crypto Transactions

Ledger, Coinbase Pay Partnership To Simplify Crypto Transactions

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Hardware wallet maker Ledger and Coinbase have announced a strategic partnership to simplify crypto transactions and purchases for users. 

The integration of Coinbase Pay with the Ledger Live app will benefit Ledger users, making it simple for them to receive crypto purchases from Coinbase directly on their hardware wallet. 

Simplifying Crypto Transactions 

The partnership between the two will enable users to purchase crypto directly on Ledger’s hardware wallets, thus streamlining the process of transferring crypto and conducting transactions using their desktop or mobile devices. Ledger announced the partnership on their official X account and a blog post published on their website. 

“We’re excited to announce that @Coinbase Pay is now available as a buy provider through Ledger Live! Use your Coinbase login to buy crypto and have it immediately secured with your Ledger. This integration benefits Ledger users by facilitating direct receipt of crypto purchases from Coinbase on their Ledger device. It also enables users to retain their preferred payment methods in Coinbase, including ACH, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. This new feature is currently available in the US, UK, EU, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.”

Making Crypto More Accessible 

Crypto transfers from Coinbase to Ledger Live involved considerable complexity and were riddled with errors. The new feature allows Ledger users to receive any crypto purchase from Coinbase directly in their Ledger wallet. The integration also retains various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, ACH, and Maestro. Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, highlighted the goal of both companies in making crypto accessible and secure for users, stating, 

“Coinbase and Ledger are two of the only companies in crypto for longer than ten years, and it’s already the case that we share both values and customers. Both Ledger and Coinbase are focused on making crypto easy to use and keeping consumers secure. Now, Coinbase users can easily buy crypto right within Ledger Live, and Ledger users can easily buy with Coinbase. Ledger is proud to give this experience to Coinbase customers and option to Ledger users through this partnership.”

The head of product at Coinbase Developer Payment Services, Lauren Dowling, also expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, 

“At Coinbase, we’ve focused on building the most trusted, scaled, and reliable onramps and infrastructure for on-chain builders that expand access to crypto and help drive an updated financial system. We’re delighted to collaborate with Ledger to allow users to more seamlessly purchase crypto with Coinbase Pay straight into their self-custody solution.”

Ledger also highlighted key features of the integration, which would make transactions instant and secure at no additional cost to the users.

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