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Forbes Dives Into The Sandbox, Purchases Virtual Real Estate

Forbes Dives Into The Sandbox, Purchases Virtual Real Estate

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Leading business magazine Forbes has announced its acquisition of a virtual land parcel on the Web3 space of The Sandbox metaverse. 

Forbes Establishes Metaverse Presence

Forbes is now in The Sandbox. The leading business publication has chosen to establish a permanent presence in the ever-expanding virtual world by buying real estate in The Sandbox metaverse, reflecting a growing trend among companies exploring the potential of the metaverse for community engagement and innovation.

Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer at Forbes, expressed the publication's commitment to embracing technological innovation by venturing into The Sandbox metaverse. According to Ahmed, this move signifies Forbes' dedication to staying at the forefront of emerging trends.

"Our venture into The Sandbox metaverse is a testament to Forbes’ commitment to embracing the forefront of technological innovation. By establishing a permanent presence in this digital realm, we are opening up new avenues for our community to connect, learn, and grow together in ways that were previously unimaginable."

Creating a Community Hub

Forbes intends to establish a community hub on its newly acquired land within The Sandbox metaverse. This space will foster interaction, engagement, and collaboration among participants, leveraging The Sandbox's interactive and user-generated content capabilities.

As per the announcement statement by Forbes, the virtual estate will feature luxury amenities, including a virtual pool, bar, and a gallery showcasing recipients of the prestigious 30 Under 30 list for 2024. The space aims to be a central meeting point for thinkers, leaders, and innovators, offering various interactive experiences, workshops, and events beyond traditional engagement boundaries.

Public Access and Interactive Attractions

Situated close to notable virtual landmarks within The Sandbox, such as "Dracula's Castle" and "HODL Island," Forbes' digital domain is already accessible to the public. Visitors can explore and virtually interact with the attractions, with QR codes scattered throughout the space, leading to exclusive content through a scavenger hunt experience.

The announcement claimed, 

“The Sandbox, renowned for its expansive and interactive virtual world, now hosts Forbes’ digital domain—a space envisioned to be a central meeting point for thinkers, leaders, and innovators. Here, Forbes aims to go beyond traditional boundaries of engagement by offering a variety of interactive experiences, workshops, and events.”

Increasing Corporate Presence

The Sandbox officially opened for business in November of 2023, when co-founder Sebastien Borget claimed, 

“Now [anyone] can open their experience to the public [and] make it accessible, which will increase the amount of experience and content that people can play and discover on the platform.”

Forbes joins a growing list of corporations and brands venturing into Metaverse real estate. With entities like the Atlanta Braves, Ford Motor Company, and now Forbes establishing a presence, the Metaverse continues to attract significant interest from diverse industries.

Following the announcement, The Sandbox's native token, SAND, experienced a 3% price increase, indicating positive market sentiment towards Forbes' entry into the Metaverse. 

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