$BTC Will Hit $60K Pre-Halving as $GFOX Readies for Retail Launch

$BTC Will Hit $60K Pre-Halving as $GFOX Readies for Retail Launch

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Visa and Mastercard are upping their exposure to Web3, and despite distancing themselves only a year ago, both of these TradFi giants are now working hard to integrate crypto into their infrastructure. Big institutions getting bullish is a classic sign they don’t want to miss out on bull market profits.

What cryptos to buy now as fresh liquidity rushes into the space and TradFi’s insatiable appetite for digital assets continues climbing? Buy quality and buy risk. With a pre-halving $60K Bitcoin ($BTC) incoming as Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) prepares for retail launch, there has never been a better time to occupy both sides of the spectrum- $BTC’s store of value and $GFOX’s wild upside.

Bitcoin ($BTC): $60,000 Pre-Halving in the Cards?

Bitcoin’s hard monetary policy has come into a world of its own, and demand from ETF issuers is outstripping issuance from miners. An imbalance between supply and demand always leads to price appreciation, and the overflow of demand makes $BTC a top crypto to buy now. Breaking $50,000 was a massive psychological barrier, with two months left until the halving $BTC will sail past $60,000.

Fears of another round of dollar debasement and a growing awareness and acceptance of $BTC’s store of value traits act as rocket fuel for crypto’s largest asset. Its price rise has made Bitcoin the world’s tenth-largest asset by market capitalization, and when it breaks $60,000, the $ATH of $69,000 is only a stone’s throw away.

This cycle $BTC will finally trade at six figures. The only question that remains is whether this will happen this year or in 2025. When Bitcoin moves, altcoins have room to run, which explains Galaxy Fox’s drastic gains in recent weeks. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Readies For Retail Launch

Galaxy Fox has been storming through its presale, and its retail launch is fast approaching. A top choice regarding what cryptos to buy now, and it has already raised over $3.5 million and climbing. This small-cap altcoin looks ready to melt faces during its price discovery phase. Bringing a new hybrid build to market has been popular with investors, and $GFOX’s tokenomics have turned smart money onto this undervalued gem.

$GFOX has allocated 70% of tokens to the presale, and with no net inflation after the launch, the total supply will be down only. A fixed monetary supply is good. A deflationary money supply is better. Holders unlock staking rewards via the Stargate module, and the unique implementation of a tax system allows these rewards to be paid out without inflationary emissions. Presale participants have a huge advantage, being able to buy $GFOX at a discounted valuation and at the peak of its total supply.

Galaxy Fox’s addictive endless runner game has been another big draw, and players compete globally to end the season in the top 20%. Those that do earn prizes, and with the GameFi narrative brewing, this P2E component has interested a much broader audience than a typical memecoin. Shaping up to be a top crypto to invest in this cycle, presale participants are aware of how quickly small caps can move in bullish sentiment. 


Closing Thoughts: $BTC & $GFOX 

$BTC and $GFOX are the perfect answers to what cryptos to buy now, and this split is an ideal portfolio build. Investors are exposed to institutional buying pressure via $BTC and the violent upside of a small cap.

When the Ethereum ($ETH) ETF launches later this year, expect another DeFi-summer-esque altcoin run. Before this happens, you want to have projects like $GFOX in your portfolio. Don’t delay. Participate in the presale today and strap in for an explosive retail launch.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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