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Binance Allays Fears Of Breach, Says No User Data Compromised

Binance Allays Fears Of Breach, Says No User Data Compromised

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Binance has sought to calm fears regarding its data and code being compromised, stating its security team had determined there was no leak in the exchange’s systems. 

The clarification from Binance comes after several reports surfaced over the weekend stating that KYC documents were being distributed on the dark web and GitHub. 

Binance Refutes Claims 

Binance was forced to issue a clarification after a publication claimed that a highly sensitive cache of code, internal passwords, and other technical information was available on a public GitHub repository. It was claimed the data in question was removed after Binance put out a takedown request, claiming the internal code was posted using Binance’s IP without authorization. Binance claimed this posed a considerable risk to the exchange and could cause users significant financial harm and confusion. 

“A highly sensitive cache of code, infrastructure diagrams, internal passwords, and other technical information belonging to cryptocurrency giant Binance has been sitting on a publicly accessible GitHub repository for months, 404 Media has learned.”

User Data And Assets Remain Safe 

When the report was published, a Binance spokesperson claimed the exchange was aware that an individual claimed to have sensitive information. The spokesperson clarified that the platform’s security team had assessed that the data in question did not resemble anything Binance currently uses.

“Users should rest assured that their data and assets remain safe on our platform.”

However, users on social media platform X claimed that Binance users’ KYC data had appeared on a dark web marketplace and were linked to the initial GitHub leak. However, Binance’s customer support account on X refuted these claims as well, stating that the platform’s security team had assessed all threats and had determined that no such leak had taken place. 

“Our security team has assessed this - as they do all potential threats - and have confirmed there is no such leak from Binance systems. User accounts remain safe. Accounts are secured through many defenses, including MFA, biometrics, authenticators, etc. We always appreciate anyone sharing potential bugs and security issues with us so we can investigate and, where necessary, take action to protect users.”

To ensure security, Binance also added that all accounts are secured using several security layers, such as biometrics, authenticators, and multi-factor authentication. It also stated that it continuously checks for threats before adding that it found nothing to suggest a customer data leak had occurred in this case.

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