Why Are Experts Bullish On Ethereum, Everlodge, and Toncoin?

Why Are Experts Bullish On Ethereum, Everlodge, and Toncoin?

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Speculation regarding a new bull run is spreading throughout the crypto community. Investors are now preparing to make significant returns as experts release their predictions for 2024. Three projects that are consistently making headlines are Toncoin, Ethereum, and Everlodge. Having already had a strong performance in Q4, each project is poised for additional growth over the next several months.

Toncoin Analysis Indicates A January Price Rally

At first glance, Toncoin appears to be entering a correction phase following its recent bullish momentum. Over the last 6 months, Toncoin’s value has increased by 65.5%, though it's down 3.9% in the last week.

At the time of writing, Toncoin was trading at $2.19 and was down 0.62% in 24 hours. Toncoin’sdaily trading volume was also down by 19.61%, suggesting that the crypto bulls are losing momentum as Toncoin starts its correction.

This analysis is supported by technical indications that suggest Toncoin's price has dropped below the 50-day EMA. That being said, analysts remain extremely bullish, suggesting that this correction is only a short-term trend.

Overall forecasts indicate that Toncoin could reach a high of $2.60 by the end of January, an increase of over 20%. Bearish predictions suggest that Toncoin could drop to $2.06, though most experts remain bullish.

Will Ethereum Branch Into The ETF Market In 2024?

A recent statement from Goldman Sachs's head of digital assets suggests that an Ethereum ETF could be released this year. In a recent statement, Matthew McDermott highlighted that if Bitcoin ETF applications are accepted, Ethereum would likely be next in line.

While the statement has made little impact on Ethereum’s price, it has created excitement among ETH holders.

At the time of writing, Ethereum’s value had fallen by 5.40% in the last 7 days, with Ethereum trading at $2,244. Despite this decline, Ethereum’s daily trading volume remains high at $11.5 billion.

Bullish Investors Double Down On The Everlodge Presale

After a strong performance in December, investors are doubling down on stage 9 of the Everlodge presale. This new altcoin is gaining significant momentum, attracting investors with strong returns, unique token holder benefits, and a revolutionary real-world DeFi application.

Everlodge gives investors the opportunity to fractionally invest in vacation rentals. Instead of paying full price to have full ownership of a vacation rental, investors can co-own the rental and generate a passive income.

This reduces the amount of funds required to make an initial investment and streamlines the overall purchasing process.

To offer this solution, Everlodge mints properties as NFTs and fractionalizes each NFT. This allows investors to get involved for just $100, significantly reducing the barriers to entry to the vacation property market.

On its marketplace, Everlodge will offer three main property types: holiday homes, luxury villas, and hotels. After creating an account, investors will be able to place an investment at any time, and the NFT they hold will contain all the information required about their assets. These NFTs can be sold to other investors and will eventually be available on third-party NFT marketplaces.

Everlodge tokens will grant investors several benefits within this ecosystem. Holders will receive lower prices for NFTs, earn staking bonuses, and will also earn free stays at Everlodgeproperties. These benefits, combined with potential returns of 280% during the Everlodgepresale, have made experts extremely bullish about this new altcoin.

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